Sunday, March 22, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 3/23/15

My plan worked out....if I don't cook, I lose weight.  I think it's because mostly I make the kind of food that I really like and the leftovers sitting in the frig constantly call my name.  "Tabby....come get more bite won't hurt".  Liars, I say, then I promptly follow the voices and go have a snack, right before bed so that the fat can be directly deposited around my midsection.  

Regardless of my issues though, I have to save a little bit of money for the next while so I can enjoy some beach weekends over the summer.  This means I will be cooking and attempting ever so strongly to ignore those refrigerator voices, lol.

Easy Grilled Pork Chops
Grilled Pork Chops
{taking advantage of the warm, breezy weather}
Grilled Asparagus
Yellow Rice
To Do:  Put hamburger in the frig

Greek Burgers
{grilling again}
Tzatziki Sauce
Baked Fries
To Do:  Nothing

{tennis match}
Leftovers, Cereal, or Sandwiches
To Do: Not much, eating freezer food or to go stuff tomorrow. 

{tennis match}


Green Salad
To Do:  Nothing, off tomorrow

{tennis match}
{adding chicken, and yes I realize that two cheesy days in a row isn't good for me}
Green Salad
To Do: Make up crock pot for roast, put grits out so I don't forget to make them.


Mississippi Pot Roast
{I cut the butter by at least 1/3}
Green Beans or Frozen Peas


I might switch up days or even switch up meals because I have a few items in the frig and freezer I'd like to use up before serious freezer burn ensues.  It really depends on what my cooking motivation level is this weekend though.
Hope you have a stupendous, happy Monday!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Chantilly Cake Review

Publix had this cake on sale the last two weeks.  It looked quite scrumptious so I purchased it for a girl at work who's husband "forgot" about her birthday. 

 Of course us girls have to stick together so I bought her this cake for an after celebration of her special day.  I like to bake, but after work on a weeknight it's not good to tempt fate especially when one didn't sleep near enough hours the night before.  So I stopped by my friendly Publix and bought the prettiest one I saw. The icing is a mix between butter cream and whipped topping and isn't anywhere near as sweet as the usual icing of a Publix cake {a good thing}.  The fruit in the middle layer and on the top was quite fresh and very tasty.

Sadly, you now have to special order the cake 24 hours in advance.  Corporate impulse control for me :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday TO DO list

I haven't written one of these for a few weeks now and...I've got to get back "in bizness"

  1. Ask my lovely Daddy-O about hiring some of his men to do yard work.
  2. Go look at plants at Kingswood, red tips, large ligustrum tree, knock out rose plants, border grass, decide on mulch.  Ask about fertilizer.--ran out of time
  3. Dollar General--septic treatment and laundry stuff, light bulbs that are bright.
  4. Grocery Store--Ty going so we can stick to our budget, list made and ready.
  5. Finish Ty's taxes and file them.
  6. Get title to Bessie on the way
  7. Attempt to start Bessie, and move to warehouse
  8. Find out how much $$ to clean Bessie (she's dirty, dirty)
  9. Call exterminator for my yellow jacket nest (ask Vicki for referral)
  10. Call Vicki for appt.
  11. Take pics for Yard Sale site, coordinate with Ty to get moved to warehouse
  12. Change the house air filter.
  13. If its not windy burn excess limbs in back yard.--not home enough to do
  14. Check with Karen about electric cable move.
  15. Coordinate for pressure washing house (ask Vicki)
  16. Go to Dr appt's.
  17. Call Scott for insurance stuff
  18. Look at COBRA vision insurance costs vs self pay and/or individual policy.
  19. Call Shawn for car servicing for Ty and myself, see if Tan needs it also.
  20. Look at bills. Clean out stack.
  21. Go to bank with Ty to change account to checking.
  22. Make massage appointment
So I pretty much over estimated what I could do in a given amount of time. Some days are better than others and a pollen headache hit me right after my doctor appointment.  A few ibuprofen and all better but even my laundry isn't done sad.  A few things will be marked off the list tomorrow when I see Vicki but the rest will just have to wait.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Think Green!

I love this "holiday"
No expectations, just revelry and lots of people watching, and kissing.
Have fun on your St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 3/16/15

Image result for st patricks day pictures
My menu last week went stupendously well.(good word, huh?)
My only problem is that when I cook....I eat, and I eat a lot, seriously.
This week I'm cooking too....but I'm going to control my portion size so that the new bathing suit I bought will fit when I head to the beach later this month.
The true benefit of living in Florida. For. Sure.

St. Patrick's Day is on Tuesday {btw, my favorite holiday} and we're celebrating with two types of corned beef on Sunday.  I plan to make these up on Saturday so all I have to do is plug in the crock for one and turn on the oven for the other.  The best thing about corned beef is the leftovers and I hope to actually have some this year since I'm making two.

Image result for st patricks day pictures

Corned Beef and Cabbage
Oven Baked Corned Beef
Corned Beef
Corned Beef in the Crockpot
Roasted Cabbage
To Do:  Decide on landscaping for house, cut veggies


Corned Beef Sandwiches with Swiss
Oven Baked Fries
Oven Roasted Veggies
To Do:  Nothing, all veg cut and having pasta tomorrow.


Lemon Ricotta Pasta
Green Salad
St Patty's Eat Out Night
{since it's a holiday :o)}
To Do:  Put hamburger in the frig

{or repeat of yesterday if we eat out}
Salisbury Steak with Onion Gravy
Salisbury Steak
Baby Red Potatoes
Green Beans
To Do:  I think no planned anything..

To Do:  Nothing, having freezer food or nothing.


I usually try to make at least four meals weekly...sometimes more, but I hate to waste food and honestly my kids aren't home all the time to eat.  We always have something to eat in the cabinet or freezer so I can usually eat whatever I have a hankering for at the time...or stopping by the grocery for a rotisserie chicken and salad mix works too!
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Friday, March 13, 2015

No pictures :(

I've made some really tasty dinners over the last couple of days although I've diligently tried to get out of cooking anything.  However, I've been tremendously hungry this week so my hunger won out since my wallet is definitely light.

I made this on Tuesday and neglected to get a picture before my light went away.  I pared down the portion size so that if we didn't like it we wouldn't have a ginormous amount for leftovers.  I took a chance and actually made this on the previous Friday and stuck it in the freezer {without the breadcrumb topping}.  On Monday night I put the dish in the frig to defrost and before baking added the panko breadcrumbs.  Everyone in the house was a fan and wants this one added to the rotation.  Considering how simple it is to make and the fact that it is a whole food, freezer friendly dish, I will make this again and again.
Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole
{Not my picture but my dish looked just liked this}

I skipped a cooking day on Wednesday because we all ate out with my family for lunch and I was kinda full so therefore everybody suffers, lol.  No truly there were leftovers, cereal, and lunch meat to eat.  Last night we ate homemade little pizzas topped with a parma rosa sauce, chicken and ham, and a myriad of cheeses.....delicious!  Paired with a green salad I can say that this is one of my favorite meals.

So I'd say the prep I did last week served me well and kept me out of restaurants for the entire work week.  Now I might not be able to keep this pace up and if I do my clothes might not fit....but all in all it was nice to eat my food for lunches and dinners.  I'd forgotten that a little prep goes a long way and makes meals so much easier.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dinner Last Night

I am actually a day ahead on my meal plan because I didn't plan to cook on Sunday but my plans changed and I did, because well........I was hangry!  Instead of making fettuccine alfredo noodles, I made hash browns for the sausage and peppers last night. A little easier and definitely less caloric. My tummy was happy and boy #2's was too.

Easy Sausage Skillet

Easy Sausage Skillet Dinner
1-turkey kielbasa ring {I slice mine diagonally to increase the area that browns}
1 or 2- large bell peppers {any color is good}
3-medium onions {sliced}
1-8 oz can tomato sauce
2-tbs butter
garlic powder to taste {I use Tastefully Simple's Garlic-Garlic}
seasoned salt to taste
pepper to taste

Slice the peppers and onions and sausage {can be done previously}.  Add veggies to a large skillet with two tablespoons butter {or your choice of oil}.  Saute until softened over medium to medium high heat.  Add the sliced sausage to the skillet and brown until desired coloring achieved.  I do this over med high heat to get dark brown color {definitely not necessary} on the sausage.  Then add the seasonings and tomato sauce and allow to simmer over medium heat until the tomato sauce is slightly thickened. This should only take about 3-5 minutes if done over medium heat.  You can also turn the heat to low and cover the pan to extend the cooking time. {My life with teens makes this necessary!} Just keep an eye on the pan and stir fairly frequently to prevent burning.  Don't even ask how I know this :)

Serving the sausage and peppers with hash browns made for a super simple side dish and reduced the total meal time to less than 30 minutes.  Gotta love that kind of meal for a Monday.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Baked Cheeseburger Eggroll Review and Other Weekend Stuff

My very own picture of Baked Cheeseburger Eggrolls.
And another...
I have to say that I while I enjoyed these very much....if they were pan fried I probably would have enjoyed them more.  Alas, I have to keep my eye on the upcoming bathing suit season though. This is a super simple idea and I actually put all of the ingredients except the cheese in a freezer bag.  Instead of defrosting in the frig overnight, I added the entire frozen contents to a skillet and allowed it to defrost there to keep the mustard and ketchup from sticking to the bag.  And I love roasted green beans, just saying.

Disney with my friends for life!
Put your "hands together" (for a musical act) seems to be confusing for these two.  It must be a generational thing :p
Ron White inspired you think?
The biggest golf ball in the world, lol
The park wasn't terribly crowded and the weather was perfect!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 3/9/15

Today is the day that I plan to eat. 

Today is the day that I plan to eat dinner at home along with green things to accompany said dinner.  

Microwaved cheese and tortillas have truly become their own food group for me.  Lunch and dinner three days this last week. Can you say yuk, gross, disgusting?  I have a really full weekend planned of things I want to do, so tonight I'm going to do the things I have to do.  This includes veggie prep and a few freezer things for next week, laundry etc,etc. Motivation is high right now...but I'm still at work and it's only 9 am.  I'm seriously considering delegation to the "boy".  He's gonna love this. {is there a sarcastic font?}

He {delegation boy} has tennis matches on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week so I will be one busy Momma. I'm trying desperately to enjoy this season of life because before I know it my "baby" will be headed to college and away from home.  All of my evenings will be free but my heart will be regretful if I don't make the most of right now!  

So, here goes...nothing special, but stuff that we all like and can be prepped early.

Today's To Do:
  1. Grate cheese
  2. Send my boy to the store/make list
  3. Put all ingredients for egg rolls in with beef
  4. Prep peppers/onions/veggies
  5. Make eggrolls--will do on night of
  6. Process rotisserie chicken (time saver for sure)
  7. Make chocolate bar pie.
  8. Make oatmeal chocolate chip bars
  9. Make individual pizzas for freezer--all pieces ready to make
  10. Make chicken Salad
  11. Make pasta salad
  12. Laundry
  13. Make chicken cordon bleu casserole

{tennis match}
Green Beans
To Do:  Put sausage in frig

Green Salad
{if I have the inclination}
To Do:  Nothing, off tomorrow

{tennis match}
Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole
Green Salad
{for sure}
To Do:  Go to Sams to get tilapia and salmon, make tartar sauce

{tennis match}
Parmesan Crusted Tilapia Fillets Recipe

Steamed Veggies


Homemade Individual Pizzas


I'm so hoping to keep my motivation throughout this day 'cause I want to have fun and be organized.  
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Great Product for Super Dry Skin

I really hate the way that lotion feels and stomp my feet when I have to put it on.  I say I have to put it on because I'm freckly and ashy most of the winter months.  During the summer I frequently use full body sunscreen and I really love Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch 30 SPF because it leaves my skin soft and doesn't make me itch like some of the others.  It also reduces the need to put lotion on which makes me so so happy.  I'm truly not getting reimbursed nor paid for my comments here but when I saw the commercial for this stuff I decided I needed to give it a shot.  The reviews on Amazon were mostly positive and I was going to order but I couldn't wait and went to my local drugstore.  Because of my dislike for slimy skin I only bought the normal to dry version.  There were two other more intensive treatments available including one that had a shea butter base.
I've used this for two days and think that I may have found the answer to a long fought against problem.  My skin is soft and definitely not ashy {I showed my lower leg to a fellow freckler and she agrees}.  I also do not feel slimy.
So....if you hate lotion...this product might just be your answer.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 3/2/14

Image result for summer pictures

March, seriously?  I still have to gather my tax information and finish cleaning and selling all of my junk stuff.  Luckily my youngest has taken on the responsibility for taking pictures and posting everything in a local on line yard sale.  He just takes a picture of a bunch of the items for sale and then sends more specific pics if someone is interested.  Easy peasy, huh?  My Dad has a local business so we do all of our merchandise/money exchanges there for safety's sake.  Certainly easier than taking a whole day to sit in my garage for a "real" yard sale.  The menu last week was a bust with the exception of the Slow Cooked Peanut Butter Pork.  I really liked this recipe and the fresh ginger makes a big difference in taste.  I would recommend only cooking the pork for 4 hours though, or at least in my crock.

Tennis continues and my boy is kicking booty on the court.  Only one loss this season, and since this is his senior year I'm going to every one regardless of the fact that I'm eating out much more than I prefer during the week.

Since I've established the fact that I'm not finding the time for real meals this menu plan is idea based and will be super simple.

Things I might make:

Juicy Lucy Burgers

Bourbon-Glazed Salmon Recipe
Bourbon Salmon
{Not for me...I don't like this but my sons do}

Turkey Sausage and Potatoes

No new recipes or extended cooking times for me this week.  I know I will be eating out at least once {meeting a new girlfriend} and the boys have an event they will attend.  Oh yeah, and a soccer I might not even cook three times this week.  I gotta quit this....bathing suit weather will be here in the blink of an eye :)

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