No pictures :(

I've made some really tasty dinners over the last couple of days although I've diligently tried to get out of cooking anything.  However, I've been tremendously hungry this week so my hunger won out since my wallet is definitely light.

I made this on Tuesday and neglected to get a picture before my light went away.  I pared down the portion size so that if we didn't like it we wouldn't have a ginormous amount for leftovers.  I took a chance and actually made this on the previous Friday and stuck it in the freezer {without the breadcrumb topping}.  On Monday night I put the dish in the frig to defrost and before baking added the panko breadcrumbs.  Everyone in the house was a fan and wants this one added to the rotation.  Considering how simple it is to make and the fact that it is a whole food, freezer friendly dish, I will make this again and again.
Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole
{Not my picture but my dish looked just liked this}

I skipped a cooking day on Wednesday because we all ate out with my family for lunch and I was kinda full so therefore everybody suffers, lol.  No truly there were leftovers, cereal, and lunch meat to eat.  Last night we ate homemade little pizzas topped with a parma rosa sauce, chicken and ham, and a myriad of cheeses.....delicious!  Paired with a green salad I can say that this is one of my favorite meals.

So I'd say the prep I did last week served me well and kept me out of restaurants for the entire work week.  Now I might not be able to keep this pace up and if I do my clothes might not fit....but all in all it was nice to eat my food for lunches and dinners.  I'd forgotten that a little prep goes a long way and makes meals so much easier.