Chantilly Cake Review

Publix had this cake on sale the last two weeks.  It looked quite scrumptious so I purchased it for a girl at work who's husband "forgot" about her birthday. 

 Of course us girls have to stick together so I bought her this cake for an after celebration of her special day.  I like to bake, but after work on a weeknight it's not good to tempt fate especially when one didn't sleep near enough hours the night before.  So I stopped by my friendly Publix and bought the prettiest one I saw. The icing is a mix between butter cream and whipped topping and isn't anywhere near as sweet as the usual icing of a Publix cake {a good thing}.  The fruit in the middle layer and on the top was quite fresh and very tasty.

Sadly, you now have to special order the cake 24 hours in advance.  Corporate impulse control for me :)