Monday, April 24, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 4/24/17

Earth Fare opened its doors this week in my town.  It is the first natural, stocks a lot of different items that are organic, type of store to make a presence in our area.  About thirty highway minutes north or south, you can find a Trader Joe's or Fresh Market but that's a drive...just for groceries.  
On our first visit to Earth Fare...It. Was. Packed.
Not your average packed crowd, but the excessively, busy packed type of crowd.  Like...block off the street busy type of crowded.
I was duly impressed with the selection of grocery and freshly prepared items available and can't wait to go back again!  I'm a grocery geek for sure 😄
I'm sure things will settle down as time goes on, although just to be on the safe side...I think I'll visit during the week rather than on a Saturday or Sunday.  

I use my old recipe as a base, but improvise with the sauce quite a bit these days.  I add a little more soy sauce, replace half of the peanut butter with PB2, and grate fresh ginger in to the mix rather than using the powdered ginger.  I also just happened to have roasted peanuts and sprinkled a few on the top for crunch.  Any kind of pasta is delicious with this, but we prefer a long type and bucatini is a favorite right now.


Grilled Chicken  {dijon}, Grilled Corn, Sugar Snap Peas

Grilled {leftover} Chicken Green Salad
It was a chopping weekend...and I don't have any more containers to store things in, but this makes for really simple weeknight meals.
Crostini with Tomato Relish

Mom's Macaroni Salad, Barbecued Ham, Green Salad 

Frozen taco meat in the freezer, lettuce and veggies chopped.

💗Have a great week💗

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 4/17/17

Our beloved taco salad, has put me in the mood for all things fresh.  Cutting vegetables and storing them in the frig increases my ambition for weeknight cooking.  Besides, making a salad with fresh items that are already cleaned and cut is a breeze.

I need some practice making shrimp.  They were cooked perfectly, but completely unseasoned.  I forgot to even use salt and pepper {gasp} for my take on this recipe for shrimp and grits.  Needless to say, this dish was a little bland...but it was edible.

This marinade for Southwest chicken breasts is a family favorite.  This chicken served with a simple salad and roast vegetables was delicious.  In fact,

I ate my entire plate...and then had a little more salad if I'm being totally honest.

I used the leftover chicken to make my take on a one pot meal, substituting parma rosa sauce instead of the BBQ sauce the recipe called for.  The round things on top are parmesan crisps.  Pretty good for a one pot meal.


Taco Bowls or Oven Baked Tacos or whatever...some sort of Mexican themed night

Freestyle Chicken Salad 

I'm headed to the store after work today, so I'm leaving some options open until I see what sort of specials I may encounter.

Have a fantastic week, and Happy Monday!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 4/10/17

I 💗 flowers!

For the first time in in what seems like forever, last week's meal plan was executed...not an extraordinary start to cooking every night, but a respectable start.  Salads have not been too appealing to me over the last few months and I didn't feel like cutting things up but....I think I'm over that foolishness because the spinach salad we ate last week was so,so tasty.  It's worth taking the extra time and effort.

Last week:
Black Cherry Cream Cake
{my reward for being "moderate" during the week}

Korean Chicken and Asian Slaw Salad

This week so far:
Belgian Waffles with my new waffle maker

Taco Meat for the freezer

Grilled Chicken

Peanut Butter Chip Fudge Brownies

Aldi Carving Ham {this is my normal spiral sliced} but I used this glaze which was just okay to us....the glaze not the ham.  No, the ham is great!  Highly recommend.

Chopped Veggies and Fruits

Elderberry Syrup

My new favorite refreshing summer pool drink!


*Free Style Chicken Salad {with leftover grilled chicken}

*Pork Tenderloin {freezer meal} with Sauteed Okra

That's it!  
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 4/3/17 and A Teeny Tiny Chore List

Blackberry Greek Yogurt Goodness
1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
1/2 cup fresh or frozen fruit (my choice is blackberries this year)
local honey
1 square of dark chocolate broken in to bite size morsels (or dark chocolate chips)

We are well into Spring here in Florida.  We have had many more days that temperatures hovered closer to 90 than 80 in the past seven days....I'm thinking we might actually be closer to Summer than not.  So sad.  At least our nights are still cooling down and life is pleasant on the back porch, well, after about 6 in the evening.

I have just a few outside tasks I want to accomplish before the weather gets too hot.

  1. Have a garage sale
  2. Re-mulch the front flowerbeds
  3. Plant new flowers in front
  4. Burn the brush from winter {we have had crazy strong winds and no rain}
  5. Clean out the garage
  6. Re-arrange the back porch
Goals are good, right?

This is what we ate last week:
A squeeze of lime made this a tasty concoction.

Pulled Chicken Barbecue Sandwiches
Sauteed Cabbage with Bacon and Onions

Grilled Pork Tenderloin
Roasted Green Beans

And this is what is on our plan this week:

Ramen Bowls 
{with leftover pork tenderloin}
Thai Curry Fried Rice

Bacon and Spinach Quiche

 Spinach Salad with Chicken and Strawberries
Photo Credit
Spinach Salad with Chicken and Strawberries

Free Style Chicken Salad

Korean Beef/Chicken

Roasted Vegetables

Some riff on Roasted Garlic Chicken Flatbread

I'm not making anything that is over the top or by any definition of the word, extravagant, this week. Of course, portion control is still my utmost goal, you know, for swimsuit season.  My dessert plan is yogurt with fresh fruit, a sprinkling of dark chocolate chips, and a drizzle of local honey. 

Moderation...moderation is my mantra.

Have a great week and a Happy Monday!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 3/27/17

Well it's that time of year again...the time to shed the extra five pounds and face shorts and swimsuits head on.  I've put myself on the straight and narrow path of lean meats,vegetables, and low processed stuff for the foreseeable future.

Sensible eating is the answer.

Moderation is my mantra.

Careful meal planning will prove results.

Yes, I'm giving myself a pep talk.

On another topic, I've been taking pottery classes over the last six weeks.  A weekly class with lots of hands on, super patient instruction.  Fact is, I stink.  I've had fun and done something that I didn't think I would have the opportunity to pursue, but let's just say, bucket list item checked.  You see, most people are messy with clay, but I'm messy like its my job!  I find clay in my hair, on my glasses, the bottom of my shoes, on my steering wheel {you get the picture}.....and this was after I cleaned up. I'll just be happy to stay clean on Sunday afternoons.

Highlights from last week.
My favorite breakfast right now....rice cake spread with crunchy peanut butter and freeze dried strawberries.

This dish has no ricotta and I even used ground chicken in place of the beef. Still delicious.

We added 1/2 cup of the buffalo wing sauce since we love vinegary things.

Finished product.

This week's 

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Breasts, Roasted Asparagus, Scalloped Potatoes {last cheesy dish for a bit 😢}

Grilled Pork Tenderloin, {I keep pushing this forward} Green Beans, Roasted Potato Wedges

This week's

Morningstar Farms Indian Vegetable Burgers
Cottage Cheese with Blackberries
Spinach Salad
Leftover Protein and Veggies or Edamame

Have a great week and Happy Monday!
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 3/20/17

Corned Beef

I'm keeping this short and sweet this week and including sides so that I will have to make a conscious decision to not eat the planned vegetables.  I'm using a bit of Mom guilt on myself 😂

Have a great Monday and an even better week!

SUNDAY-Corned Beef, Sauteed Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes

MONDAY-Korean Chicken, Baked Rice {or maybe leftover corned beef made in to hash, over medium eggs, and Rye toast with butter}

I went with the leftover hash...almost better than the original

TUESDAY-Grilled Chicken {I'm doing the Dijon...but they are all good}, Roasted Carrots, Scalloped Potatoes

WEDNESDAY-Leftovers/Grilled Sandwiches, Hummus and Carrots or Chips

THURSDAY-Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Yellow Rice, Green Beans

FRIDAY-Macaroni and Cheese {Granny's version that I have never posted a recipe for}, Lima Beans, leftover Pork

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 3/13/17

Waaaaa...I'm late in posting my menu mainly because lately, I'm just behind on everything.  Laziness, lack of ambition, lack of appetite, I have all the excuses but in all honesty, no good reasons.

I haven't shopped for food now for almost two weeks and our supply of homemade convenience foods is at an all time low.  Just ask the kid that lives with me.  "Mom, there is nothing to eat here" to which I reply..."You know, you just have to turn on the stove, honey" {of course, I'm using the sweetest nurse voice I can muster}  But because I'm a Mom and I'm nice like that, I plan on making some freezer quick fix items over the next weekend.

Anyway, on to my dinner plans for this week...even though my true feelings are to scrap it all and eat restaurant food for the week.

Pretzel Crusted Chicken Bites
Deep Dish Taco Squares
Corned Beef with Rye Bread and Swiss Cheese
Easy Bacon Cheeseburger Soup
Eating out

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