Sunday, July 23, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 7/24/17

It is unbearably hot in my neck of the woods, and besides that seemingly depressing news, there are two things that I've been thankful for over the last seven days:
1.  It rains every afternoon and I don't have to water my plants.
2.  I can dare to turn my oven on since the temperature drops when it rains by at least 15 degrees.

I honestly didn't follow my menu plan at all.  My oldest favorite son and his fiance came over Monday and we used most of the fresh vegetables in the frig to top a Rotisserie Chicken Salad.  Our meals became less balanced as we used up any and everything green.  Gotta shop I guess.

Rotisserie Chicken Salad

I will not wait so long to make this again.  This recipe is so simple and delicious!

Wings and Rice a Roni {on super sale}
I used to love, love Rice a Roni, but now...not so much.  We've been eating less processed food and this childhood favorite won't be making it's way to my cart again.  Now, the taste isn't horrible, but I can make a homemade version that tastes significantly least to me.
This time we sauced our wings with 3 tbs butter, 1/2 sliced fresh jalapeno, approx 1/4-1/3 cup molasses, and 1/4 cup Ken's Buffalo Wing Sauce {another super sale item}.  Saute the pepper in the butter add other ingredients and allow to melt together over medium heat stirring frequently until bubbling.  Place the wings {baked and cooled} in the sauce and allow to simmer for 5-10 minutes until coated and warmed through.

I really need two ovens to make this meal.  The potatoes were just a tad bit over crispy and the green beans were significantly colder than serving guidelines allow.  The chicken itself was perfect.

Waffled Grilled Cheese


While on the "junky side" of things I like to make, this menu allows us to eat and not head to the grocery store this week...well at least not me heading to the grocery store.  I might have to send Ty to get a few fresh things to round out our meals though.  Since everything is simple and doesn't require a lot of prep I should be able to manage to stick to it.  We will see :)

Have a great week!

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Sunday To Do List

I haven't made one of these in a while, but checking things off of a list is so satisfying I couldn't help myself ;)  Now...if I would have posted this on Sunday I would have really been on the ball.

  1. Water plants
  2. Clean off back porch
  3. Laundry
  4. Visit my Mom
  5. Iron clothes for the week, spray with starch first
  6. Spray inside and outside for bugs
  7. Straighten closet 
  8. Put away clothes
  9. Freeze taco meat, after making enchiladas for freezer (didn't get to this as the power went out)
  10. Chop veggies 
  11. Make guacamole (power out)
  12. Straighten freezer
  13. Look up info for August
  14. Clean off counters in bathroom, clean tub, toilet
  15. Wash rug
  16. Brine Shrimp
  17. Make marinade for steak
  18. Defrost chicken and make this for Ty
  19. Spray Round Up around exterior fence and on weeds in flower bed (have to get a new sprayer, the old/new one broke)
  20. Pack lunch--prep fruit etc for grab and go
  21. Prep for Tan and Jesse coming over
  22. Lowes-fans and doorknobs (just didn't get there)
  23. Shred cheese
  24. Load and unload dishwasher
  25. Shred leftover carnitas 
  26. See Tobie's counter tops
Ty didn't take a picture of the finished product but...this recipe is great!  I cooked this at 250 degrees F for about 5 hours and the meat was tender enough to shred easily with one fork.  When I was shopping for groceries yesterday, the pork shoulder roast just so happened to be on sale...I felt like fate had intervened and the universe placed a large arrow pointing at the roast saying "make me"!  I'm glad I listened.

Taco meat for the freezer.  After browning, I combined approximately 1.5 pounds of beef, and 1 pound of ground chicken, seasoned, and simmered until all of the flavors combined.  I allowed the meat to cool and separated the meat in to three, three cup bags.  A tip that I learned at Jessica's blog is to place items that you want to freeze in the refrigerator to completely cool down before freezing.  This significantly cuts down on ice crystals.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 7/17/17

This past week was leaps and bounds better on the meal planning front.  Now, I'm not saying I followed any specific recipes because I actually never made it to the grocery store last weekend to purchase any fresh items. Tuesday brought a viral disaster that knocked me off of my game for the next couple of days and food was not even a thought in my mind.  By the time I was back on my feet, I decided to just get creative with what we already had.  None of the meals were flashy or new recipes,  but we had plenty.  And, bonus, I saved the money I would have spent at the store.  This weekend, I'm hoping to stash a few items in my freezer to cover me when I have another pseudo emergency like this past one.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Aldi Organic White Shells with Cheese, Sauteed Okra

{adjust cooking time for boneless pieces, I cooked for 15 min, flipped and cooked for 15 more}

Springer Mountain Farms wings {found on sale for a great price...pretty tasty but Scott's Famous Wings are better}, Pearled Couscous, Baby Spinach Saute

Bucatini Pasta Toss
{fresh tomatoes, butter and olive oil, leftover chopped chicken breast with cheese}

Quiche {I start with this recipe and add whatever I have on hand.  This time bacon, green onions, a bit of mozzarella, feta, and pepper jack cheeses}  Corn Hash {fresh corn sliced off the cob, orange bell pepper, onion, butter, and seasonings sauteed in a cast iron skillet until crisp tender}, Roasted Fresh Okra


Pioneer Woman Simple Perfect Enchiladas {freezer meal}, two pans

Taco Stuffed Potatoes
{I have got to take a picture when I make these..super quick weeknight meal}


I have lots of options available for this week even though sometimes that works against me.  Too many choices and all that, but this way my creativity won't be stifled by a set in stone menu.  At least that's the reasoning my mind is going with this week.

Have a happy, healthy week and even though the temperatures are outrageous, I'm hoping to be outside this weekend making some memories.

Wishing you Sunshine and Cool Breezes {relatively, of course} for the days ahead...xoxoxo

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 7/10/17

Yes, yes, yes, I missed posting our menu last week completely.  My computer died on me and writing a post at work really isn't the best way to go when I should be...well, working.  I let my kids talk me in to a somewhat smaller laptop which I am, at this moment, deciding whether I like or not.  The keypad is right up my alley though because the keys are slightly elevated and make a nice retro tapping noise which is totally appealing to me right now.  The last menu I posted stretched in to the next week since July 4th fell into my no computer time. Even so, we managed to eat well and used up quite a few ingredients that have been languishing in my pantry.

Baked Nectarine Chicken Salad didn't necessarily excite me, but Ty thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  I had a portion for dinner the night that I made it, but he annihilated the rest over the next two days.  

Chopped Salad Pizza was fantastic!!  We prepped all of the ingredients on Sunday and stored them in small glass jars.  Having all of the pieces and parts ready to go made this an easy weeknight option.

I got home really late and made myself a waffle ham and cheese sandwich.  No complaints from me.

Oven Baked Tacos are a family favorite.  Top with whatever makes you happy :)

Making Roasted Chicken at home is just as frugal as Rotisserie when you find a whole bird marked down to $2.  Thank goodness we had a rainy day to make the heat from the oven bearable.

Grilled Sirloin Steak and Brined Shrimp just happened to end up on the same plate.  😉 The pineapple was grilled also after using a little of its juice and brown sugar to make a yummy glaze.

My favorite, Pretzel Berry Dessert, did not turn out this time.  I used True Whip instead of Cool Whip and added the supposed right amount (for once) of each ingredient.  When Jessica says make sure the whip covers all the way to edges....make sure your whip covers to the edges.  Otherwise you waste a lot of ingredients and get a serious soggy crust.

Mushroom, Potato Hash is a good catch all for leftover bits of produce.  I had two cooked potatoes, a few mushrooms, chopped onions, and mini sweet peppers that served dual purposes.  I cleaned out the frig and made a hearty dish.  An over easy egg completed the meal.


Pasta Trenette, Spinach Salad

My food preparation inspiration is at an almost all time low.  The heat around here is just...oppressive. Even turning on the burner of my stove heats the house to an unbearable level.  Honestly, the easy casserole I'm planning as an option this week might very well get nixed for a cold sandwich, chips, and hummus.

Have a great week!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 6/26/17


Adding blackberries and White Peach Balsamic/Wild Fernleaf Dill Olive Oil {equal parts} Dressing took this simple spinach salad to the next level.

Being a fan of all things citrus and tangy, this recipe makes my top five for taste and convenience.  I used a rotisserie chicken that I purchased and removed from the bone on Sunday to make a quick Tuesday night meal.  The cilantro-lime rice was bypassed in favor of Trader Joes' Organic Frozen Jasmine Rice because I was feeling a tad worn out from the day.  Three minutes on high in the microwave and voila, side dish done.  The only thing missing is my "required for a real meal" green.  I made up for missing my vegetables with lunch the next day by eating a repeat spinach salad.

Spaghetti with Pumpkin Chipotle Sauce
Toast with butter that is obviously still too cold to spread.
The meat in this sauce is ground chicken that I purchased at a really good price, so good in fact, that I bought seven {yes, I know I'm only cooking regularly for two} packages.  I have become a huge fan of this particular brand of ground chicken which works nicely anywhere you might have used ground beef.

Peach Halves with Whipped Cream Cheese and Sliced Strawberries


**Grilled Sirloin Steak, Pearled Couscous, Skillet Green Beans, Quick Rolls

**Curried Chicken Bits, Basmati Rice, Sugar Snap Peas

**Asian Stuffed Peppers, Steamed Broccoli

**Hacienda Hash Brown Casserole {make half}, Whole Wheat Toast

**Baked Nectarine Chicken Salad, Spinach Salad


I didn't make any of the other items {besides what is pictured} planned so next week's menu must look pretty familiar if you just so happened to stumble on my last post.  I had forgotten that Ty was house sitting for his brother so I had plenty of leftovers to round out my nightly meals.  The best thing though, is that I have all of the ingredients required to make what I had planned without heading to the store.

Have a great week 😃

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 6/19/17

Spinach Salad 

This week, unlike last week, and the week before, for that matter, will include side dishes and reminders to make each meal go off without a hitch.  A lofty goal you might think?  Yeh, me too.
However, this methodology was quite successful in my not so distant I'm running with what I know works.   It just takes me so long.  Waaa....

Whatever, whining won't write this post.  Have a great week!

My only complete meal after Monday.  I ate a pork chop all by itself, baked tacos, and an individual homemade pizza for the rest of the week.  Can you see why I need to plan my meals more carefully?  Oh, and the corn pictured above was absolutely delicious.  Five ears of fresh corn sliced off and cooked in a cast iron skillet with two tablespoons of butter, chopped onion, and orange bell pepper with lots of salt and pepper is now my go to recipe for this summertime staple.  I was thinking of adding a sprinkle of cilantro and a squeeze of lime but, I was ready to eat.  I'm sure those two ingredients would have catapulted this simple dish to an extraordinary one. 


Chicken Macaroni Salad {I'm using canned chicken instead of tuna}, Green Salad

 Grilled Sirloin Steak, Pearled Couscous, Skillet Green Beans

Spaghetti {crockpot}, Green Salad, Quick Rolls

Curried Chicken Bits, Basmati Rice, Steamed Sugar Snap Peas

Spicy Sausage Pasta, Corn, Buttered Bread

Cuban Style Crispy Chicken {$5 Earthfare Rotisserie Chicken}, Black Beans, Chopped Avocado, Chopped Lettuce, Tomato and Onion, Cilantro Lime Rice

If all else fails, I made six individual sandwiches to be baked with shaved deli meat, cheese, and garlic butter.  Pita chips with Hummus will round out this "I can't be bothered to cook" meal.


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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 6/12/17

I have no new pictures to post for this menu plan.  Combining a nasty twenty four hour bug with cooking new recipes, or any recipes for that matter, is no bueno.  Carbohydrates for the win.  Crackers and toast rule!
I broke my shopping fast after I was feeling better and got a few things that were on sale for easy weeknight dinners.  I am moving a couple meals forward from last week that I didn't obviously get to and keeping the other nights simple.

Made on Sunday

Freezer Meal

Bacon Wrapped Chili Dogs- This recipe wraps hot dogs in bacon, then tops them off with chili, onions and cheese. It's a bacon lovers dream come true. #sponsored #boldbacon @Tysontweets @Walmart

Using the brine portion of the recipe.

**Chicken and Cheese Ravioli with Steamed Vegetables

The frig is stocked, and if we don't feel like cooking, there are plenty of options at our fingertips this week.  After scrounging around for things to pack in my lunch last week {that I could stomach}, I am thrilled to have choices.  Have a great week 😊

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