Saturday, November 11, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 11/13/17

I have to get back on track with cooking dinner each evening.  Well, actually for two days each week I need to have homemade freezer or crock pot meals ready to go.  I have forgotten what school (even one class) does to my desire to plan and cook.  I'm only hesitant to do slow cooker meals because all of the recipes I have are just too much with too many leftovers.  Neither myself nor Ty seem to have a huge appetite these days but then again, I haven't made anything that we find super exciting.  The weather this upcoming week lends itself to one pot easy meals and since I'm not trying to win any cooking contests with this menu plan I hope to be comforted and pleasantly surprised. 

Here are a few HIGHLIGHTS from the last couple of weeks:
  Barbecued Ham

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Ham and Roasted Butternut Squash Nachos

Leftover Baked Potato Hash with Chicken

That's really about the extent of my cooking, if you can even call it that.  I've freely used my pantry and freezer contents to throw together some pretty bizarre dinners that definitely didn't warrant photographic evidence.  Let's just agree that cheese played a central theme in all things dinner.


Black Bean Soup-make half, serve with rice {To do: brown hamburger, brown chicken, chop onions}

Gringa Mexican Rice-use leftover rice, green veggie

Chipotle Pumpkin Spaghetti-use bucatini, freeze half for a rainy day {To do:  put hot dogs in the frig}

Cheese Dogs-green veggie {set up the crock pot}

A fairly boring menu for this week, but two of the days have items that can be cooked for a long period of time in the crock pot or on top of the stove.  My class with required attendance is on Wednesday and Thursday and starts about an hour after I get home after work.  If I don't eat before class, it's too late after....going to bed with a full belly makes me feel like a sloth.  The last two weeks have been a mad rush and ended with dinner options that were neither healthy or tasty.  This plan will alleviate my option to run through the drive through on the way home.  I also won't be eating french fries while on live webcam, a fact that will surely please my classmates.

Have a great week!

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 10/30/17

Aah, a flashback from days gone by.  We always carved pumpkins at this time of year when the boys were small.  It's one of those activities that were lost as my boys {well, they aren't boys anymore} grew up. 

Lots of new stuff happening in our household this week.  I made the decision in September to go back to school and honestly, the admission process went so smoothly that I believe it must have been meant to be.  I started doing homework this past weekend and my first class is Wednesday evening.  All on line. On line classes are something that I am not familiar with and never thought I would participate in.. but I am doing it despite my inexperience.  Thank goodness Ty hasn't left for college yet.  I get the benefit from a computer whiz right in my own home.  I can work a program like nobody's business but I struggle with troubleshooting any problems I encounter.

  Another thing I'm focusing on this week is to cut out any and all simple sugar desserts.  To satisfy my sweet tooth I'll be eating baked apples with maple syrup or honey and plain yogurt.  Ty is certainly a bad influence in that area.

Happy Halloween!


Grilled Chicken, Roasted Butternut Squash, Baked Potatoes


Chicken Parmesan-using pre-made cutlets
Mashed Cauliflower Potatoes
Green Salad

Green Salad

Roasted Asparagus

Grilled Shrimp


Homemade Naan Pizzas

Sheet Pan Macaroni and Cheese

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 10/23/17

This past week, in a moment of weakness and unwillingness to do any dishes, we almost called for pizza and salad.  When neither of us wanted to drive to pick it up we did the thing and searched our frig, freezer, and pantry.  Luckily, the weather was tolerable outside so turning on the oven wasn't a big deal which broadened our options.  I love when I plan ahead and have some convenience items on hand which isn't always the case.  This past year we have decreased the amount of frozen easy foods in our home, opting instead for homemade convenience foods.  Unfortunately, the homemade version requires some time spent in the kitchen preparing.  While I normally don't mind doing these tasks and actually feel quite accomplished when I do, I have had a bit of a flare with my hands.  This "flare", as I call it, involves over the top finger pain with lesions that take quite a while to heal.  Thankfully my son is handy in the kitchen and doesn't mind (mostly) helping me out during these times.  Honestly, I think that night's meal was my favorite!


Breakfast For Dinner with Pancakes, Biscuits, and Scrambled Eggs
BTW we have decided we love us some turkey bacon

Grilled Dijon Chicken Tenders, Roasted Green Beans and Tomatoes, and Mashed Cauliflower 
This is a horrible picture but the meal was delicious!  I especially loved the cauliflower potatoes!

OMG this Artichoke and Cheese Strudel from Aldi is one of my favorite items now!  I just hope they have more when I shop this weekend.

Eggplant Stacks were our dinner along with the Strudel for the night we did not succumb to the allure of takeout pizza.  Yay us!  Actually I used some ground beef from our freezer to create a bolognese from pantry items and even my son wanted the leftovers.  Quite odd actually.

Yes, I know don't shoot me.  I never, never eat ketchup on anything (not even fries) but I just so happen to love it on steak.  Ty made a marinade with onions that made this sirloin so tender.  It seemed like the onion juice cooked the steak during the marinade process though and it ended up a little over done but still tender.  I'll definitely make this again keeping in mind the shorter cook time.  I'm saving this other steak recipe for when it's cold outside.


Taco Salad with Homemade Dressing and Turkey Lentil mix for the meat
To Do:  Put shrimp in the frig, make chicken cutlets, chop things for white chicken chili, de-bone rotisserie chicken, make stock, and brine for shrimp

Grilled Shrimp
Leftover Salad
To Do:  Nothing if weekend prep goes well

{using the pre made cutlets}
Mashed Cauliflower
Green Salad
To Do:  Put together chicken chili for crock pot

Cornbread Muffins 
To Do:  Put bacon in frig

Spinach Salad
To Do:  Nothing we are eating leftovers


That's it for this week....
I am anticipating the start of Fall weather here and I am ecstatic.  75 degrees and sunshine :)

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 10/16/17

Person Wearing Brown Timberland Work Boots

We rocked our menu plan last week!  I included my grown up boy in the decision making for meals, albeit a little arm twisting went in to the occasion.  Helping me to plan seemed to make him way more invested in dinner than usual.  I am blessed that he likes to cook so getting a little help in the kitchen isn't all that difficult thankfully.  Guess what I did for this week too?  Yep, he helped with the planning.  Fingers crossed he will continue to be a willing participant in the kitchen for cooking duty.

Asparagus was pricey this week so I used some shelled edamame in its place.
Sourdough Toast

Turkey Bacon
Scrambled Eggs with Feta and Peppers

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Green Beans and Tomatoes


Stove Top Mac and Cheese
Green Salad 


I didn't write a To Do list for each day but nothing requires more than a simple throw in the frig defrost.  Have a great week :)

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 10/9/17

So....the non plan menu plan worked out pretty well, but writing a real plan is where it's at.  I'm even going to write myself a "to do" each day to make things runs smoother which will include sides prep so vegetables and salad will become our routine again.  The weather here hasn't cooled off much but all the posts I've seen around the web have me craving fall type food.  Rain is in the forecast for the first half of the week so I can use the oven, turn the thermostat down, and pretend.

Have a great week!

Green Orange and Yellow Pumpkins

Roast Pork Carnitas-Making Cuban sandwiches
To Do:  Shred cheese, chop tomatoes, lettuce, char corn, make guacamole, brown turkey, and beef, cook rice.


DIY Chipotle Bowls-Using leftover pork
To Do:  Put chicken in frig for defrost.

Jasmine Rice
Steamed Broccoli
To Do:  Make up crock pot, mix up bread.

Pumpkin Chipotle Sauce with Bucatini
Caesar Salad
To Do:  Start soup.

Leftover Toasted Bread

Leftovers, Out to Eat, or Takeout

I'd love to make a dessert for us to enjoy this week but I'm keeping my expectations reasonable since it has been a long time since I have planned in this much detail.  Haagen Daaz is on sale this week at my store and the mini bars are just the right size to satisfy our sweet tooth.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Non Menu Plan Review

My no plan meal plan week turned out okay...I cooked for the first three days, went to a conference on Thursday, and we ate out last night.  I also utilized the new delivery service that Publix is offering for necessities like milk and eggs.  Wow, how convenient!  The service fee will probably save me quite a bit considering the impulse buys I tend to make when I am physically in the store.  I think I'll write down a few ideas for this upcoming week keep me on track in the store and after work.

Parmesan Tilapia, Roasted Asparagus, and Potato Salad.  That white blob in the middle is homemade tartar sauce which thrills my soul.

Roasted Chicken Breast with Mushroom Ravioli

Deep Dish Pizza

Three days out of five....yep, not so bad considering my frig was on the bare side and I didn't plan our meals. I used all of the vegetables that were languishing in the crisper drawer which pleased my frugal loving self.  A somewhat successful week if I do say so myself, even with the liberal addition of parmesan cheese.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 10/2/17

A collection of seasonal pumpkins and a ribbon in Scotland

This week I have consciously decided to not make a meal plan.  You're probably thinking, uh, that's a recipe for disaster.  Occasionally, I have to learn the hard way that writing down my menu options is truly the best way to get dinner on the table after work.  Yeh, I already know I'm headed towards failure...but you see I'm a little hard headed and I'm trying the "no plan" thing again no matter what anybody says.  Classic two year old behavior, for sure.
Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back next week with reports of a massive intake of all things cheese and declarations of never doing this particular idiot move again..well at least until next time 😊