Menu Plan Monday 3/12/18

Grilled Steak

Boba Tea
I never had any desire to have a Boba Tea since normally my only beverages are water with lots and lots of ice along with two packets of True Lemon, and coffee without sugar.  I slip in the rare Coke and the occasional beer but truly my tastes lean towards the sour side.  However, I am now going to include Taro Boba Tea in the category of  "my favorite beverages".  Keep in mind that this drink is over the top sugary and I only drank half.  I know what kept me sipping this beverage were the rice balls that sink to the bottom. Even though I only drank half of the liquid, I ate all of the Boba 😉

The time changed today and for the first time ever, I attempted to acclimate myself to the loss of one hour of sleep proactively.  Yesterday, I took three required certification courses lasting from 9am to 5:30pm.  At 5:30pm, I was mentally drained and all I wanted to do was eat dinner, watch a little television, and go to bed early.  When I arrived home at around 6:30pm, I set all of my clocks forward and intentionally went to bed at time.  Just early enough that I would wake up about the same time as normal old time.  I was able to get all of my Sunday chores out of the way already which in my mind is a win!

On to last week's menu....I made a chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole that immediately went in the garbage after a tiny bite.  The ingredients seemed great, but I substituted the curry paste for a red chili paste I already had in the cabinet.  The red chili paste had such a strong fish sauce presence that I couldn't stomach it.  I had to diffuse lemon oil to get rid of the odor in my house...yes, it was that strong.  This dish was my most epic fail in recent history.  Strangely enough considering the pervasive fish smell, we had Parmesan Tilapia in the freezer that we cooked in the air fryer.  Maybe not the best choice considering the lingering odor, but it worked.  I think the original recipe would have been delicious had I not taken creative license with the ingredients.  The cast iron pizza was yummy as always and came together without a hitch, thank goodness.  We needed a win after that Sunday night fail.  Our favorite meal this past week was the Chicken Wild Rice Soup.  Considering that I didn't cook this one in the crockpot, use true wild rice, or add wine to the mix, this was stupendous and perfect for a chilly night.  I did use the proportions for the liquids which worked out perfectly.  I plan to write my exact recipe here soon before I forget exactly what I did...because I foresee many chilly nights with a bowl of this comforting soup and some sort of crispy crunchy bread.

My son and I haven't been able to come to an agreement for the menu this week, so I'm going to write down some loose ideas for ingredients that are in my freezer, frig, and cabinet.  I have chopped purple onion, green onion, peppers, cleaned asparagus, and green beans so at least we have vegetable options ready to go.  I find that if I do that on the weekend, our intake of the good for you stuff is significantly higher. 


BLT Hot Dogs, Potato Puffs, Roasted Green Beans

Meat Sauce with Bucatini, Garlic Toast, Green Beans {I got a deal of green beans this week}

Related image
Kaiser Roll Sandwiches with Salami and Turkey, Tortilla Strips with Salsa

Sausage and Peppers, Rice or Noodles, Green Beans

Yummy Taco Salad, Corn Muffins {maybe}

Breakfast for Dinner

**DESSERT FOR THE WEEK--Rhubarb Strawberry Pudding Cake

That's it!  Have a great week.

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