Weekly Menu Review

This week hasn't gone absolutely "on plan" as I worked shopped late {gotta spend the Beall's bucks} with my Mom.   That put me behind a day on my menu and I was invited to an unexpected event which put me behind another day.  So only three items on my review list this week.
Luckily, my oldest son is a can do kind of guy and fends quite well for himself in the area of food. This isn't to say that he wouldn't rather I cook most nights, but he's not eating cereal or peanuts if I don't.
He usually makes wings and more wings...all types of wings.  He can't seem to get enough....so I'm emulating him and I'm making salads...lots of salads. {I'd say mine's healthier but when you add the kitchen sink..who knows}

I didn't take a picture of the 1805 Columbia Salad but I'm making it again for our Friday night dinner because my bff and I ate the entire thing by ourselves on Sunday.  It was that good!  Even though it seemed super weird for me to add Worcestershire sauce and lemon to the lettuce....it works.  I tossed that and the rest of the ingredients in the bowl and then served the dressing on the side.  The dressing was tangy and garlicky and perfectly worked on this savory salad.  I'll post a picture next week so you can get a visual.

Yummy Taco Salad
The secret is in the dressing...I eyeball the amounts since I've been making it so long, but the next time I'll measure so I can give an accurate recipe.

Grilled Asian Chicken Salad
This salad is a conglomeration of this link and my imagination.  It was delicious too!  I used the Asian style marinade this time for my chicken {I will add a little more soy and fresh ginger when I use this again} and we truly liked it.  I let the frozen breasts defrost in this concoction and grilled them very quickly.  It was enough for my son and myself to eat a dinner and lunch.  A cherry jam based vinaigrette over the top was tasty.

I'm hoping that I have enough time next week to make at least a couple main course salads, eating fresh and not heating up the kitchen {The heat index is over 100 degrees}.  My problem is getting started chopping....you can chop enough for one meal or five meals with no fuss.  You just have to start, lol.