Menu Plan Monday 3/23/15

My plan worked out....if I don't cook, I lose weight.  I think it's because mostly I make the kind of food that I really like and the leftovers sitting in the frig constantly call my name.  "Tabby....come get more bite won't hurt".  Liars, I say, then I promptly follow the voices and go have a snack, right before bed so that the fat can be directly deposited around my midsection.  

Regardless of my issues though, I have to save a little bit of money for the next while so I can enjoy some beach weekends over the summer.  This means I will be cooking and attempting ever so strongly to ignore those refrigerator voices, lol.

Easy Grilled Pork Chops
Grilled Pork Chops
{taking advantage of the warm, breezy weather}
Grilled Asparagus
Yellow Rice
To Do:  Put hamburger in the frig

Greek Burgers
{grilling again}
Tzatziki Sauce
Baked Fries
To Do:  Nothing

{tennis match}
Leftovers, Cereal, or Sandwiches
To Do: Not much, eating freezer food or to go stuff tomorrow. 

{tennis match}


Green Salad
To Do:  Nothing, off tomorrow

{tennis match}
{adding chicken, and yes I realize that two cheesy days in a row isn't good for me}
Green Salad
To Do: Make up crock pot for roast, put grits out so I don't forget to make them.


Mississippi Pot Roast
{I cut the butter by at least 1/3}
Green Beans or Frozen Peas


I might switch up days or even switch up meals because I have a few items in the frig and freezer I'd like to use up before serious freezer burn ensues.  It really depends on what my cooking motivation level is this weekend though.
Hope you have a stupendous, happy Monday!

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