Great Product for Super Dry Skin

I really hate the way that lotion feels and stomp my feet when I have to put it on.  I say I have to put it on because I'm freckly and ashy most of the winter months.  During the summer I frequently use full body sunscreen and I really love Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch 30 SPF because it leaves my skin soft and doesn't make me itch like some of the others.  It also reduces the need to put lotion on which makes me so so happy.  I'm truly not getting reimbursed nor paid for my comments here but when I saw the commercial for this stuff I decided I needed to give it a shot.  The reviews on Amazon were mostly positive and I was going to order but I couldn't wait and went to my local drugstore.  Because of my dislike for slimy skin I only bought the normal to dry version.  There were two other more intensive treatments available including one that had a shea butter base.
I've used this for two days and think that I may have found the answer to a long fought against problem.  My skin is soft and definitely not ashy {I showed my lower leg to a fellow freckler and she agrees}.  I also do not feel slimy.
So....if you hate lotion...this product might just be your answer.