Menu Plan Monday 3/2/14

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March, seriously?  I still have to gather my tax information and finish cleaning and selling all of my junk stuff.  Luckily my youngest has taken on the responsibility for taking pictures and posting everything in a local on line yard sale.  He just takes a picture of a bunch of the items for sale and then sends more specific pics if someone is interested.  Easy peasy, huh?  My Dad has a local business so we do all of our merchandise/money exchanges there for safety's sake.  Certainly easier than taking a whole day to sit in my garage for a "real" yard sale.  The menu last week was a bust with the exception of the Slow Cooked Peanut Butter Pork.  I really liked this recipe and the fresh ginger makes a big difference in taste.  I would recommend only cooking the pork for 4 hours though, or at least in my crock.

Tennis continues and my boy is kicking booty on the court.  Only one loss this season, and since this is his senior year I'm going to every one regardless of the fact that I'm eating out much more than I prefer during the week.

Since I've established the fact that I'm not finding the time for real meals this menu plan is idea based and will be super simple.

Things I might make:

Juicy Lucy Burgers

Bourbon-Glazed Salmon Recipe
Bourbon Salmon
{Not for me...I don't like this but my sons do}

Turkey Sausage and Potatoes

No new recipes or extended cooking times for me this week.  I know I will be eating out at least once {meeting a new girlfriend} and the boys have an event they will attend.  Oh yeah, and a soccer I might not even cook three times this week.  I gotta quit this....bathing suit weather will be here in the blink of an eye :)

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