Wednesday TO DO list

I haven't written one of these for a few weeks now and...I've got to get back "in bizness"

  1. Ask my lovely Daddy-O about hiring some of his men to do yard work.
  2. Go look at plants at Kingswood, red tips, large ligustrum tree, knock out rose plants, border grass, decide on mulch.  Ask about fertilizer.--ran out of time
  3. Dollar General--septic treatment and laundry stuff, light bulbs that are bright.
  4. Grocery Store--Ty going so we can stick to our budget, list made and ready.
  5. Finish Ty's taxes and file them.
  6. Get title to Bessie on the way
  7. Attempt to start Bessie, and move to warehouse
  8. Find out how much $$ to clean Bessie (she's dirty, dirty)
  9. Call exterminator for my yellow jacket nest (ask Vicki for referral)
  10. Call Vicki for appt.
  11. Take pics for Yard Sale site, coordinate with Ty to get moved to warehouse
  12. Change the house air filter.
  13. If its not windy burn excess limbs in back yard.--not home enough to do
  14. Check with Karen about electric cable move.
  15. Coordinate for pressure washing house (ask Vicki)
  16. Go to Dr appt's.
  17. Call Scott for insurance stuff
  18. Look at COBRA vision insurance costs vs self pay and/or individual policy.
  19. Call Shawn for car servicing for Ty and myself, see if Tan needs it also.
  20. Look at bills. Clean out stack.
  21. Go to bank with Ty to change account to checking.
  22. Make massage appointment
So I pretty much over estimated what I could do in a given amount of time. Some days are better than others and a pollen headache hit me right after my doctor appointment.  A few ibuprofen and all better but even my laundry isn't done sad.  A few things will be marked off the list tomorrow when I see Vicki but the rest will just have to wait.