Menu Plan Monday 4/17/17

Our beloved taco salad, has put me in the mood for all things fresh.  Cutting vegetables and storing them in the frig increases my ambition for weeknight cooking.  Besides, making a salad with fresh items that are already cleaned and cut is a breeze.

I need some practice making shrimp.  They were cooked perfectly, but completely unseasoned.  I forgot to even use salt and pepper {gasp} for my take on this recipe for shrimp and grits.  Needless to say, this dish was a little bland...but it was edible.

This marinade for Southwest chicken breasts is a family favorite.  This chicken served with a simple salad and roast vegetables was delicious.  In fact,

I ate my entire plate...and then had a little more salad if I'm being totally honest.

I used the leftover chicken to make my take on a one pot meal, substituting parma rosa sauce instead of the BBQ sauce the recipe called for.  The round things on top are parmesan crisps.  Pretty good for a one pot meal.


Taco Bowls or Oven Baked Tacos or whatever...some sort of Mexican themed night

Freestyle Chicken Salad 

I'm headed to the store after work today, so I'm leaving some options open until I see what sort of specials I may encounter.

Have a fantastic week, and Happy Monday!

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