Menu Plan Monday 10/17/16

  The salesperson told me these are grown in Florida and are similar to lychee.  I bought a small basket on a whim, like the ones used for strawberries, and now I wish I had purchased at least two.
The exterior is daunting but comes off is almost as if the flesh is separate from the peel.  The seed inside is somewhat bitter if you accidentally bite in to it, but is not horrible.

This chili recipe is flavorful from herbs and spices...not from tomato sauce.  To be honest, I still like the cornbread, cheese, and sour cream better than the actual chili but everyone else here says it is great :)
I made a few changes to the original recipe to cater more to our tastes:
Use 1 cup of beef broth in place of the water, deleting the beef bouillon altogether.
Add additional beans...any type that your family enjoys.

Korean Beef is a family favorite that shows up pretty frequently in our rotation.  I had to get ground beef and pork from the store for the chili on Monday, so I used the extras on Thursday for a quick meal.  Browning the meat and either freezing or refrigerating makes this come together quickly.  I do not like to cook rice on the top of the stove, so I used this rice method.  To me, so much easier and less mess.

Positively, absolutely, hands down, my favorite meal of the week!
Simple salad with raspberries, almonds, sliced chicken and a peach and dill dressing.
I'm seriously thinking of making this exact thing again one night this week.

Through sheer determination, we headed back towards the path of eating a vegetable or two with every meal and as a whole adopted a more balanced eating plan over the last seven days.
*Gasp* we feel better.....Imagine that!?!
 Note to self...cheese is not a food group, as much as you may want it to be.

I was also late in deciding and posting what we would be eating last week, so some of my decisions were passed over for others but on the whole we had a much more nutritious week of eating.

I used the String Cheese Manicotti that I had stored in the freezer for a quick Friday night meal.  I served that with green salad and had yogurt for dessert.

This picture does not depict how lovely the flavor was.

Another pasta dish adapted from this recipe was made to use up some odds and ends that were hanging out in the freezer.  Of course the substitutions were insane since I was using what I had!  I used ham instead of the sausage, peas instead of the asparagus, feta instead of the blue cheese, apples instead of pears, and no herb butter at the end, just some dried herbs.  
Substitutions rule...while not necessarily photogenic, this is a one dish wonder.
I love to cook with wine occasionally and that may be why I am enamored with this dish. To me, these flavors scream Fall.

DINNER OPTIONS THIS WEEK:  With a few carryovers

Broccoli or Green Salad

Grilled chicken salad using this marinade for chicken breasts

Pork Chop Recipes | Quick and Easy Grilled Pork Chops
Baked Parmesan Potatoes
Roasted Asparagus or Limas

Quiche {freezer meal}
Green Salad

Quick and easy this week, with the pork chops making an appearance, yet again.  The goal this week is to continue eating multi colored meals with lots of fresh items. 

Happy Monday :)

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