Baked Buttered Rice (Say that three times quickly)

Baked Buttered Rice might just be the favorite for this week....maybe for the month.  I have wanted to try baking rice previously but when push came to shove, I would make a stove top version that I knew would work.
Well the stars aligned, and I finally used this method with fantastic success.  I used homemade chicken stock that just so happened to be packaged in 1.5 cup cartons {I used two}, I had exactly 1.5 cups of Basmati rice left in my cupboard and three tablespoons of stick butter left in the frig.
It was a sign.
The amount of salt was perfect for our taste {yes, I measured} and the only things I added were some dehydrated garlic and a a shake or two of Italian seasoning to add a little zing.
This is a perfect side dish that takes minimal prep work to get maximum flavor.