Menu Plan Monday 10/10/16

I'm running late with my menu post this week and as predicted, I went completely rogue last week for my menu.  Sandwiches ruled supreme.  

Photographic proof that I rocked the homemade junk food last week

Okra and Fresh Tomatoes
{family favorite, weird, I know}

{I used wraps instead of buns}

Something new I found that I have decided I can not live without.

See all of the links above--homemade junk food is the best.

All of these dishes from last week are delicious in their own right, but honestly, should not be eaten back to back. Where are the vegetables you might ask?  Err..there were two, all week.  Okra and Edamame.  This girl needs a salad.  

Even though I have brought this recipe forward for several weeks, I swear I'm making the pork chops at some point in the next seven days!

The only day that I know for sure what is on the menu is Tuesday.  My oldest son and his fiancee are coming over for chili and cornbread.  I am preparing the crock pot tonight and it will simmer all day leaving only mixing up the cornbread and shredding the cheese for after work. {I'm having a massage before they come over.  Things must be easy}

Two meals decided, three to go and one for good measure.

Rotisserie Chicken with Romaine Salad {shopping night}
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken {if on sale} or Grilled Turkey Mignon
Korean Beef {using ground chicken}

For some unexplained reason, I feel like following the rules this week.  Time will tell ;)

Happy Monday!

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  1. I really have to try making a grilled cheese in the waffle iron, those look so good! We all have weeks like that sometimes where taco sauce and ketchup totally count as veggies (they do don't they?). Hope you have a great week!

    1. You will love the grilled cheese in the waffle crispy! I'm starting out this week strong with a green salad for dinner last night. Hope your week is fantastic :)

    2. I just came back here to tell you I fixed myself a grilled cheese in our waffle maker for lunch-dangerous stuff, so good! I think they will be making an appearance on our dinner menu very soon.

    3. So glad you enjoyed it!...and that is why I am in love with my waffle maker right now :)


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