Menu Plan Monday 4/24/17

Earth Fare opened its doors this week in my town.  It is the first natural, stocks a lot of different items that are organic, type of store to make a presence in our area.  About thirty highway minutes north or south, you can find a Trader Joe's or Fresh Market but that's a drive...just for groceries.  
On our first visit to Earth Fare...It. Was. Packed.
Not your average packed crowd, but the excessively, busy packed type of crowd.  Like...block off the street busy type of crowded.
I was duly impressed with the selection of grocery and freshly prepared items available and can't wait to go back again!  I'm a grocery geek for sure 😄
I'm sure things will settle down as time goes on, although just to be on the safe side...I think I'll visit during the week rather than on a Saturday or Sunday.  

I use my old recipe as a base, but improvise with the sauce quite a bit these days.  I add a little more soy sauce, replace half of the peanut butter with PB2, and grate fresh ginger in to the mix rather than using the powdered ginger.  I also just happened to have roasted peanuts and sprinkled a few on the top for crunch.  Any kind of pasta is delicious with this, but we prefer a long type and bucatini is a favorite right now.


Grilled Chicken  {dijon}, Grilled Corn, Sugar Snap Peas

Grilled {leftover} Chicken Green Salad
It was a chopping weekend...and I don't have any more containers to store things in, but this makes for really simple weeknight meals.
Crostini with Tomato Relish

Mom's Macaroni Salad, Barbecued Ham, Green Salad 

Frozen taco meat in the freezer, lettuce and veggies chopped.

💗Have a great week💗

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