Menu Plan Monday 2/6/17

I amped up this salad and found that this greenery was delightfully more flavorful the second day.  I suppose the flavors in the dressing had time to combine and reach their full flavor potential.  The added Feta and sliced deli chicken also didn't hurt.

This week's plan will feature mainly tried and true recipes since my time will be short.  I have a lot of things prepped and ready to go which makes my heart sing.  Not having to think too hard about the method of the recipe will make my evening routine smooth and easy.

{I am using chicken and a combination of cheeses}

In no particular order:

{original inspiration and my version}

This Grilled Chicken or this one {if I'm using boneless, skinless breasts}

My recipe is never the same, usually adding a variety of condiments, milk, and panko bread crumbs.  Simple topping of tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce, and brown sugar mixed.

Grilled Hot Dogs with Chili
if you are feeling ambitious try this Hot Dog Chili Sauce.
{sorry, no personal pics}

The Szechuan Green BeansBaked Salsa Verde Chicken, and Chicken Florentine are all carryovers this week.  If I happen to find myself with some extra time, I'll be making at least one of these.  They all look delicious and you will be sure to see a review here at some point in the near future.

Have a great week and as always....
happy Monday!

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