Menu Plan Monday 10/24/16

I love Fall in Florida...festivals happen, sweating ceases {for the most part}, electric bills go down, windows go up and people venture out of their houses to socialize a bit.
**Aaaah..truly my favorite season**

On a different note, it has been necessary for me to have some medical procedures recently and initially I was told to add a few pounds to help with post surgical "give" in the skin.  Never, have I ever, heard a physician tell me to gain weight.  Yep, I complied happily :)
I apparently decided to excel in this venture and went just a little overboard {gaining about eight to ten pounds, depending on the day, instead of the five I had intended}  Now my physician thinks losing what I have gained will help with increasing the surface area that the "give" in my skin created, making it easier to cover a larger area during subsequent procedures{which is a good thing}.  I'll plan my lunches more carefully and instead of eating leftovers, I will eat protein, fruit, nuts etc. I will consume enough food to keep me full, but keep things lighter to compensate for dinners that might be on the high end of acceptable calorie range meals.  Simple ingredients, regardless of how much effort is required the night before will be packed for lunch.  Conveniently, I bought an enormous amount of vegetables from Aldi to have for weeknight I have to prep them. 

Somehow, my Monday menu post keeps turning in to Tuesday posts....I am promising myself to do better next week.

Grilled /Rotisserie Chicken Salad-Loading up on the vegetables
Creamy Basil Chicken Pasta-I will definitely eat a lighter lunch this day.
Eating at Mom's
Roasted Butternut Squash with Grilled Chicken or Split Pea Soup with Homemade Bread

Weekday lunches will need enough protein to keep me running until dinner I'm going to need to get creative.  I'm planning to eat before 6pm each day.  I find that it helps me tremendously to not make 'poor choices' at dinner time.

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