Menu Plan Monday 5/22/17

I remember when I was in high school and the weekend couldn't come soon enough.  I know I started planning the next two day adventure before the one I was living in was over.
Fast forward a few 😉 years and Friday night has a slightly different meaning.  I'm excited to have a chance to be a little creative in the kitchen and complete a "To Do" list without worrying about the week day check off list that seems to consume me.  I can read...or do some self care...whatever I want.  Knowing that I can slip on a really comfy outfit, let my hair air dry, and wear as much or as little makeup as the situation warrants, makes those two weekend days the "best ever" days.  Over the last month, commitments and obligations interfered with my normal weekend flow.  However, these last two days were exactly what I imagine when I'm planning out my perfect weekend.
I successfully shopped, cooked, and made a few things for the freezer.  I bribed Ty to plant a couple of new plants and, bonus, he pulled a few weeds.  I went to the Farmer's market and got my car washed.  I even ironed eight uniforms!  Those eight uniforms will get me through the next two work weeks with some options to spare.  I'll be off a few days around Memorial Day so I don't need as many.  

I made nothing of consequence and I don't think I even consulted my menu.  
Earthfare salad.  I especially like the Gigandes Beans that are found on the olive bar.  Napa Chicken Salad was the deli special this week, so I ate a fair amount of that too in my second consecutive week of not cooking.


**Eggplant Stacks

Garlic Bread using this beautiful bread and this garlic butter.
**Meat Sauce with Bucatini

and...wait for it...SHAKE AND BAKE chicken!
(Ty's request)

Parmesan Crispy PotatoesI am making these again..they are so simple and delicious.  

Have a fantastic week.
Happy Monday!

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