Menu Plan Monday 4/10/17

I 💗 flowers!

For the first time in in what seems like forever, last week's meal plan was executed...not an extraordinary start to cooking every night, but a respectable start.  Salads have not been too appealing to me over the last few months and I didn't feel like cutting things up but....I think I'm over that foolishness because the spinach salad we ate last week was so,so tasty.  It's worth taking the extra time and effort.

Last week:
Black Cherry Cream Cake
{my reward for being "moderate" during the week}

Korean Chicken and Asian Slaw Salad

This week so far:
Belgian Waffles with my new waffle maker

Taco Meat for the freezer

Grilled Chicken

Peanut Butter Chip Fudge Brownies

Aldi Carving Ham {this is my normal spiral sliced} but I used this glaze which was just okay to us....the glaze not the ham.  No, the ham is great!  Highly recommend.

Chopped Veggies and Fruits

Elderberry Syrup

My new favorite refreshing summer pool drink!


*Free Style Chicken Salad {with leftover grilled chicken}

*Pork Tenderloin {freezer meal} with Sauteed Okra

That's it!  
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