Menu Plan Monday 2/13/17

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My plan last week was not a bust per se, but I didn't make many of my planned meals despite attempting to account for the unknown.  Oh well, I still have all of the ingredients for great meals and only need to supplement fresh vegetables and lunch items eg:  yogurt, fruit, and easily accessible protein.  That means my post this week will be just a tad bit redundant with the exception of a special Valentine's Day Dinner for Ty and myself just because!

This Grilled Chicken or This one {if I use chicken breasts}

Chicken Parmesan {using the cutlet recipe} or this easy version Chicken Parmesan
Buttered Noodles or Baked Rice
Green Beans
Chocolate Cake with this frosting
Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Baked Ham
{unexpected deal from Aldi, will yield a few bags for the freezer too!}

I will probably make some of these {the ones at the bottom of the post that I didn't get to before} recipes this week, depending on the busy-ness of my work schedule.  I have bunches of options to choose from since I went with a friend to Trader Joe's this past weekend and stumbled upon a brand new Aldi almost next door to one another.  Next week's shopping list will be pretty slim since apparently I have no impulse control when shopping for food.

Have a great week and happy cooking.

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