Menu Plan Monday 10/31/16

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Happy Halloween
In my neighborhood {a small to medium subdivision}, Halloween night is absolutely, over the top, ridiculous in my opinion.  People come from all over town to trick or treat in this self contained area.  They park up and down the main road for a good half mile...yes exaggeration.  As a matter of fact, last year I was on my way back home after dinner and waited for over twenty minutes in traffic inside of the neighborhood to get to my door.  Honestly, I am not a "Scrooge", but I decided this year I am not participating in the madness.  The amount of children {dressed in costumes, sweet and excited} that trick or treat is absurdly low, and the number of teenage girls wearing skimpy outfits and teenage boys with no costume at all, is absurdly high.  Seldom do these older kids even speak when I open the door...they just put their bag/pillowcase/hand out.  This year, I think they should buy their own candy.  True Story.
*Rant Over*

Turkey Mignon
I love my little grill.

Roasted vegetable fried rice with a fried egg on top...not too pretty to look at, but tasty.

I did not get around to posting any meal reviews last week or my upcoming menu this weekend because...guess what?  I have been busy every day since last, last Sunday.  Shopping, appointments, social events...they all seem to come in clusters.  I will have nothing of consequence to do for two weeks straight and then bam....I am out every night. A nice change for me :) 
I ate out only once, so I smushed some quick easy meals in between all of the stuff and managed to use up most of the vegetables on hand.  I ate a waffle sandwich one night, eggs and toast another,  vegetable fried rice, and leftovers from my Mom's house.  We surely did not go hungry but no superstar inspiration either.  My menu ideas for this week are pretty slim though, everything has to be cooked as I do not have any freezer convenience items prepared.  While this means I have a lot of kitchen work to do, it also means that everything I make during my kitchen day will be fresh frozen and last for several months making work night dinner simple.
The weather is lovely right now and I plan to use my grill like a boss over the next few days:

Baked Eggplant Stacks--brought forward...again.
Grilled Chicken {new recipe}
Grilled Pizza with this dough
Out to dinner for a meeting

Have a great week!
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