Easy and Yes, Late Menu Plan

We had an exciting weekend food wise...Ty's birthday culminated in a sort of chili cook off (our only prizes were stuffed bellies) that was perfect for our unheard of cold weather snap.  Florida never has highs in the low 50's for the entire day, like never ever! 😲 I made White Chicken Chili and used this recipe for a traditional tomato based sauce that Ty and I thought was absolutely fantastic.  Such a handy guideline "open for interpretation" type of recipe.  We liked it so much that we happily planned and ate the leftovers on Monday for dinner.

My goal for this month is to keep grocery purchases under the $125 mark since I have lots and lots of food in my house (like way too much for only two people).  I'm hoping to stay under this amount to jump start my savings goals for the year.  I have only spent $38 so far towards fresh items, including some birthday stuff.

Have a great week.

MONDAY-Leftover Chili (see above), Cornbread, leftover Yucca
WEDNESDAY-Grilled Chicken, Roasted Dill Potatoes, Roasted Okra
THURSDAY-Breakfast for Dinner or Creamy Linguine with Peas, Carrots, and Proscuitto
FRIDAY-Nothing...unless I'm off of work on Wednesday and then my plans will change.

Happy Birthday!