Menu Plan Monday 9/12/16

I think I'm back in the groove of wanting to cook at home.

I think....

Fake it until you make it right?

Just kidding, actually, except for doing dishes and unloading the dishwasher bit, I've quite enjoyed eating some tasty morsels that have come from my kitchen.  The only problem is that Ty has decided that he, along with myself, enjoys eating at home too, {way cheaper for a broke college kid} so leftover night isn't happening.  Literally, there is nothing left.  That is an easily remedied problem though, I just need to cook more. {and just when I had mastered the one person menu plan}

String Cheese Manicotti-I've made this dish a few times and I felt like I could substitute easily without messing anything up.  I only had about six string cheese sticks, but I did have numerous blocks of cheese in the frig drawer.  I pulled out my handy dandy Salad Shooter {yes, strange enough, I only use this when I'm grating cheese} and grated everything except some Gouda that got sliced in to string cheese shape.  After cooking the pasta, I alternated one string cheese stick with one chunk of Gouda to stuff the shell thinking that would accentuate the flavor, or camouflage the difference.  Every type of cheese that I grated {swiss, gouda, gruyere, sharp cheddar} was added as the last layer of this family favorite casserole.  I now know that basically anything goes with this one.  You can safely use any type of cheese that melts. {in my experience, the gruyere is the least melty and I froze half of this dish, so an easy weeknight supper is ready to go}

Grilled Dijon Basil Chicken Tenders {new}
Parmesan Risotto In the Crockpot {new}
Spicy Chicken Wings {new}(finishing on the grill)
Turkey Mignon
Homemade Grilled Pizza {individual taco pizza for dinner, one large for the freezer}
Quiche {for the freezer} (probably one for lunches too)
Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps {new}
Chicken Alfredo Pasta
Waffles {for the freezer}

Perfect Basmati Rice
Cajun Spice Mix
Rice a Roni without the box
Baked Butter Rice
Trail Mix

To round out our meals, I'll add a green vegetable, maybe a salad, and a low processed carbohydrate. I'm wanting to add some fall inspired foods, but it just hasn't cooled down enough for me to be inspired.  It occurred to me just now that I can make Pumpkin Enchiladas for the freezer so I will be ready the first day there might be a nip in the air.  It's been over four years since this deliciousness has passed my lips.  Feel free to add your own spin to these enchiladas, they lend themselves well to doing what you want

Have a great week!

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