Jamie's Roasted Chicken with Lemony Bombay Potatoes Review

The uncooked pictures..looks completely promising right?

And, the result.  It got dark quickly and this pic didn't show the pretty yellow color that the potatoes and the veggies had. 
I want to be positive about this dish but...
I'm definitely on the fence.
For one thing, my hands are still yellow {even with two showers and multiple hand washes} and the flavors that seemed so appealing to me didn't seem to shine through.
I used the entire pepper even though the recipe only called for half which could have diluted the flavors some, however, I was surprised when I felt I needed to "dip" the chicken in sauce.

Oh well, you can't please everyone all the time and I still plan to order Jamie Oliver's recipes when the protein/flavor appeals to me, since the Aloo Gobhi is one of my favorite meals ever with my meal delivery service.