Oven Baked Chicken Breasts Review

I made boneless skinless chicken breasts using this sauce recipe from Bunny's Warm Oven last night.  I followed the instructions pretty carefully but decreased the cooking time to 20 minutes total...even broiling on high for the last five minutes in a last ditch attempt to get that really pretty carmelized crisp crust that Bunny achieved with the pork {Never got the pretty color but I did succeed in burning the brown sugar to the pan :)}.  The flavor was tasty and the chicken breast pieces were moist but the color and texture weren't there.  I'm assuming that the total baking time and lack of skin were the major obstacles to making this dish as visually appealing as the original.  I'll try bone in center cut pork chops next time, just waiting for a BOGO sale.  And...apparently, I was feeling industrious yesterday afternoon and in addition to the chicken, I roasted vegetables, made Lentil Tacos, and Lentil Casserole {adding a few other ingredients to use up pantry items and to flavor it up}.  
Yes, it's just me at home right now...what was I thinking?
{even though I didn't need all of this food, cooking everything at once allowed me to use up bits and pieces of vegetables and cheeses that have been languishing in my frig...and that's a big thing for my penny pinching, don't like to waste anything, heart}
I immediately packed up half of everything and made plans to deliver them to my oldest son.  If nothing else he'll be able to have lunches over the next couple of days that are homemade.  I'm going to pop the lentil tacos in the freezer for a quick after work meal for next week and I'll eat the lentil casserole on Friday while I'm catching up on my dvr'd shows.
On the next go around I'll decrease the oil in the marinade/sauce by about half.  The flavor shouldn't be compromised at all, especially when making ribs or chops.