Menu Plan Monday 2/22/16

Oh, the weather in central Florida has been beautiful over this last weekend.  75 degrees for the high with a light wind....just gorgeous, dahlin' {in my very best southern accent}.  I'm slowly but steadily emptying the cupboards, freezer, and frig...Yay!  I decided at the last minute to order my meal delivery box so that I could continue to eat healthier while still doing a sort of pantry challenge.  It's just that my kids are now the lucky recipients of the challenge recipes {hopefully they think they're lucky}. I made lots of things last Wednesday and had planned for this weekend to be pretty productive also. wasn't.  I worked both days until about mid day and man, I just wasn't feelin' it.  As a matter of fact, I have to figure out how to get some clean clothes.  I'm not feelin' the laundry either.
Regardless, I'll figure it out...I work great under pressure, like when I'm hungry, or naked and trying to dress for work.  Great motivation equals great results.
Have a nice week :)

SUNDAY-Cheeseburgers at my bff house
MONDAY-Lentil Taco Nachos with lots of chopped veg
TUESDAY-Old World Pasta with chicken, green salad
WEDNESDAY-Chili Roasted Shrimp {hello fresh}
THURSDAY-Jamie's Aloo Gobhi {hellofresh}
FRIDAY-Mozzarella Crusted Chicken {hello fresh}

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