"The Best Chili in the World" Review

The Best Chili In The World recipe needed some serious updating.  You see, I found that using a significant less amount of meat makes this recipe so much better.  The last time I made this...well, it was horrendous.  That's because I reduced the amount of meat from the recipe and then added 2 tablespoons of beef bouillon {which is really just salt}.  I then served my supposed "best chili in the world" to my parents.  They politely gagged down a few bites and after I tasted my masterpiece, {insert sarcasm font} I  promptly took their bowls away, ordered pizza, and threw out the remaining leftovers.
That was about two years ago and my memories of the first time I made this {when it was delish}, tempted me to try again.  I did, and finally, it worked out beautifully.  I only used a little over a pound of meatloaf mix and reduced the bouillon to 1/2 teaspoon {I probably could have added 1 tsp without any problem but I would rather add than try to take away}.  Everything else, I kept the same.  I simmered the chili for about two hours the first day and then for about eight the next adding a can of rinsed red kidney beans at about the four hour mark.  Instead of using corn meal {I'm out}, I used a teaspoon of Jiffy Corn Bread mix for the thickener at the end.  Worked like a charm!  Even though numerous spices are required, the flavors of this chili go together so well.  If you don't have a "go to" recipe, give this one  a try.

We love Jiffy Corn Bread mix in a cast iron skillet.  Crispy edges are my thing.

Dutch Apple Pie with whipped cream {my boy had his with ice cream}..just plain 'ole..Yum.