Menu Plan Monday 1/4/2016--Actually starting on Sunday

Ok, Ok, I jumped on the easy, peasy, eat out bandwagon {with no twisting of the arm} over the last couple of weeks and.....
I'm not sorry!

My boys look at restaurant meals as a celebration of sorts that provides a complete source of entertainment for an evening.....and....even though I'm planning on starting my menu on Sunday, there are still a few restaurant meals and memories to be made that I'm looking forward to {so every meal is subject to interpretation}.  To be honest we don't feel like the holiday break is complete until the next college semester begins {not until January 11}.    

I'm sure that by now you have assumed that the menu last week was a bust and your assumption would be right, lol.  However, I'm writing a plan anyway for this week and hope that a few things get made to facilitate wearing clothes that I already own :o)

I hope that your new year is starting exactly how you want.

Corn Bread

Korean Beef
with organic ground chicken
Roasted Green Beans

Baked Panko Chicken
Romaine Salad


Green Veggie


It's my baby Ty-Ty's birthday.
A double layer chocolate raspberry cake will be the sweet finale!
Pizza, chinese, or more than likely chicken wings will be on the menu.

I hope your week has been exceedingly close to what you've dreamed the first week of the new year would be for you and your family.

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