Already Changing It up and Sunday Meal Review

I've had the pork roast in my freezer for a four months, yep, a while.  I hesitated making this recipe because I didn't have the roast thawed {oops, cold medicine head} and decided at the last minute to make it in the oven.  I browned all sides of the roast on top of the stove after defrosting in the microwave and only added to the recipe with seasonings.  Two of my favorites come from Tastefully Simple with the first being Onion Onion and the second Garlic Garlic.  They really add fantastic flavor to everything I use them in. {no, I'm not a rep nor am I getting anything for free saying that these are good...I wish !} For this I only used the Onion Onion as I had added 3 cloves of garlic to the pot for the browning process {I left them whole}.  I baked the roast in a covered Dutch oven at 280 degrees {why?...I don't know} for about 2 hours.  I wish I would have taken it out of the oven just a little sooner...about 15-20 minutes would have left the pork perfect for reheating.  Don't get me was perfect for dinner last night but might not be as good when I eat it for leftovers.  
VERDICT:  Make it in the oven rather than the crock pot....I think with my track record it would be dry. {obviously pork and the crock pot don't work out so well for me}  Cook for a little less time if eating as leftover.

I like this, no I really like this rice.  I especially like the cooking process and plan to use it more often to make homemade like rice-a-roni.  Surprise, I changed it up!  I had leftover coconut milk in the frig from a previous recipe I had made and needed to use it or lose it....I hate to waste food.  I replaced the regular milk for coconut milk and used basmati rice to increase the nutty flavor in this dish.  
VERDICT:  Yummo, I kept taking bites while I was waiting on the bread maker to finish.

This bread machine recipe is the bomb!  I'm loving the texture and taste of this plain 'ole white loaf.
VERDICT:  Plan to share with's a big loaf.

I didn't go to the store this weekend cause my germy little self didn't feel good.  
I decided that I can give myself permission to stay home if I want.  So I did.
Because I was so cool in doing that for myself, I didn't have all of the ingredients to make the items that I had planned for the freezer.  However, I did remember one key thing.  My son will be staying with me for a week and....he knows how to light the grill! {or should I say, he's not afraid of the grill}  This is awesome because it means I'm ahead of the game.  I've got lots of defrost and grill things up in there.

Here's my updated list through Wednesday.  After Wednesday I'll probably have numerous things to share that have been stashed in my freezer.  Happy Monday by the way ;o)