Recipe Review Part #1

My first foray in to the recipe trial phase was a smashing success...however my picture taking was sad.  I'll get a better one the next time I make this super simple skillet meal.   Luckily, in the freezer I had a quart sized bag with cooked ,chopped chicken that was easily defrosted {truly in less than a minute}, that worked perfectly for this weeknight recipe.  Feel free to use any type/flavor of tomatoes {Rotel in this version}, BBQ sauce {Sweet Baby Ray's}, pasta {Barilla veggie rotini}, cheese {sharp cheddar} and flavor of onion straws {mine were cheese}.  I just don't think you can mess this up!

I'm crushing on this sauce right a matter of fact I just dipped some gluten free cracker crisps in this for a mid morning snack.
Delicious, tangy, and creamy.  I would add this to taco salad in less than a a matter of fact this could almost replace my usual taco salad dressing. {and I love, love my usual one}

I ended up with about two cups of this.  For one person this is a lot of dressing to use up in the amount of time before it's not so fresh anymore...I decided to head that off by planning to use the  dressing in the next few meals I make as well as the leftover coconut milk. {You only use 1/3 of the can}  

So far, so good.