Menu Plan Monday 7/27/15 and Recipe Review

I truly try to remember what I need when I'm at the grocery store, not when I get home and realize I didn't get everything to make meals or lunches for the upcoming week....sheesh....welcome to my world, lol.
However, last week's meals and new recipes were wildly successful, and the fact that I didn't cook a full meal on Thursday or Friday was a nice break from my usual routine.

A few highlights....
Okra and Tomatoes...Tanner loves these and I found fresh okra at the Farmer's Market for a great price.  I learned that when I cook this particular dish with fresh okra that I need to simmer it for a lot longer.  The flavor was great but the veggies were still slightly crunchy.
VERDICT:  Cook longer.

Even though the first rendition wasn't successful, when I sauteed the remaining okra with simply butter, seasoned salt, and pepper it was fantastic!  Between Tanner and myself we ate the entire pan.
VERDICT:  Whenever fresh okra is available buy it!
The Chicken Tikka Masala was rich and made very simply by using the breasts of a rotisserie chicken.  I'm thinking I could lighten up the dish by using some of the yogurt called for in the marinade as a replacement for some of the cream.
VERDICT:  A very simple dish {when you skip the grilling/marinating step} perfect for weeknights.

The Garbage Salad turned in to a cobb like salad using things in my frig.  I whipped up a vinaigrette in my trusty mason jar with a lid and called this supper....I didn't even make the quick roll recipe that I had planned for the evening....just didn't think I needed the extra carbs.
VERDICT:  A large salad for dinner is one of my favorites...definitely make again.

I truly love using plain greek yogurt as a base for my daily lunch dessert, especially when I can make them on the weekend for a quick grab and take item for my lunch.  Blueberries, sliced almonds, honey, and a sprinkling of chocolate chips completes this.
VERDICT:  Having this for lunch all this week too!

I was bad, I swore in my post last week that I wasn't baking not one single thing....but I did and it was so good I don't even regret it.  I used this recipe as a base but since I was remembering in my mind what I had seen on the tv episode, and it is different, and better, imo.
VERDICT:  I bought peaches this week so hopefully they will over ripen and "force" me to make this again.

Again, since I haven't cooked since last Wednesday, there are a repeats on my menu this week.  Being creative with what I have is the best feeling ever and helps me to rotate my stock and also gives me the opportunity to look forward to filling up the cupboard again.  I hesitate to say I'm on a pantry challenge since I'm shopping for fruits, veggies, and lunch items this week but I kinda am.
Hope your week is blessed.

TUESDAY-Spicy Sausage Pasta,  or Meatsauce with Bucatini Green peas or salad

WEDNESDAY-Apricot Glazed Pork, Scalloped Potatoes, or New Red Potatoes, Green veggie

That's it!
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