Menu Plan Update

Our menu plan has been a complete and total bust this week!  I haven't cooked....not once, since Sunday evening when I made grilled steak (which wasn't even on the plan).  Let's see....I ate leftovers one night, one night my Mom kindly fed me, and I attended a banquet last night.  The boys....well, they've been eating fast food before I even get off from work thereby nullifying dinner even if I am hungry.  Who wants to cook when no one is eating?  I am finally going to make the items on my menu plan starting today and then I'm off to the grocery store to refill my freezer.  Since I'm not working this weekend I'm going to do some prep work to make it easier for busy weeknights  Tennis matches are at least twice weekly and I don't want to miss any of Boy #2's action!
Here are some of the things I'm planning:

I'm only truly making three things for the freezer, but having a jump on prep work will ensure that we actually eat "real" food.  I'll update again if I become inspired to do more.
By the's almost Friday and that makes me very happy indeed :)