Menu Plan Monday 2/10/13

Assigning a day with a meal worked much better for my family this past week.  We were able to eat at home successfully all days, although we changed two of the days just for kicks, having grilled chicken and homemade pizza.  I decided that changing things up a bit works for me since my cabinet and freezer were the source of the ingredients.  I'm planning a semi special meal for me and my boys on Valentine's Day (probably eaten a day late but.....hopefully we will all eat at the same time :)
I need to say that making two desserts for the week was a sort of mishap for me.  I think the majority of the sweet stuff ended up in my tummy, although Boy #2 did help by consuming a bite or two.  I also shared some with my Dad, and with my neighbors, but still ate more than my fair share. For some reason, I refuse to believe a day is complete without something sweet....and it rhymed....I'm a dork.
Hearts and flowers to you this week!

Great Northern Bean Soup with Ham
Greek Yogurt
Cherry Turnovers
Hearty Navy Bean Soup Recipe

(Requested by Boy#2)
Tzatziki Sauce
Baked Fries
Chopped Lettuce, Sliced Tomatoes, Sliced Cucumbers

Corn Muffins

Pork Schnitzel
(Not made last week)
Rice Pilaf
Steamed Green Beans

(Only using the idea from the sauce)
Green Salad
Garlic Bread

Tennis Match

Valentine Day Meal
Will post what we eat as I'm taking requests 

Have a super week.  I've decided that I'm smiling at people all week just to make them think that I'm up to something :D
as always....
happy Monday!
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