Menu Plan Monday 12/10/12

Over the last week, we did pretty good eating off the menu plan...
Only one unexpected variance occurred, and some extra special comfort foods (from the grocery store) were needed.  I'm calling that success.
All of my mail order/ Black Friday/Cyber Saturday stuff has arrived and now I need to finish up with the items that I have to pick up locally and then.......wrap  :o(
I used to like wrapping, but over the years I've decided I'd rather just shop.  
I think I'll box up things, write names on the outside and then make a "service" project for the teens living with me.  Do you think they will fall for it?  I'm not holding my breath!
Hope your week is blessed.

Classic Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie
Green Salad

To Do:  Some shopping, wash comforter, go to parents, put pork chops in frig.

Grilled Pork Chops with Sonny's Dry Rub
Green Peas
To Do:  Nothing, off tomorrow

House Surprise aka Mama's Choice
To Do:  Haircut, office party, shopping, soccer

Chicken Enchiladas I Recipe
Chicken Enchiladas
Shredded Lettuce
To Do:  Put hamburger and hash browns in the frig

Crescent Rolls
To Do:  Nothing, eating out after soccer game

Groupon after Soccer

Some of these items just keep re-appearing!  I assure you we haven't been eating the same thing over and over.....hopefully they'll get made this week and we can move on to some new stuff.
as always......
happy Monday :o)
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