Menu Plan Monday 10/15/12

Yay, we ate at home this week!  No complaints were lodged, the recipes were good, and ice cream was consumed by all.  Our family justification observed that anything you eat at home is drastically healthier than anything you eat in a restaurant, so therefore you can eat raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream with a spoon, on a cone, or piled on top of a shoe, whenever you want.  
Just saying :D

According to the weather forecast, it is going to be a beautiful week!  The most important fact is that the humidity is practically non existent which means good hair, no sweating, sparkly, Florida days.
It doesn't quite look like this...

but hopefully we are headed there.

Okay, this week I'm going back to a more detailed plan and I'm confident (lol) we will have success again.  I'm using the weekend to prep and since the weather is cooler, I'm going to make some of our favorite fall things.
Happy day to you :o)

Baked Ham
Couscous with Spinach
To Do:  Shop, plan menu, make some lists

Beef Stew
To Do:  Prep for the week, laundry

Corn and Green Chile Rice
To Do: Make cheeseburger chowder, bread

Leftover Oatmeal Bread
To Do: Nothing, off tomorrow

Baked Ziti
Green Salad
To Do:  Make pork roast for oven tomorrow

Cuban Pork Roast
(Recipe to Follow)
Yellow Rice
To Do:  Nothing, leftovers

Quesadillas with Leftover Rice and Pork
To Do:  Nothing, making chili for swim event

Swim Team Gathering
I'm bringing chili

as always....
Monday :o)
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  1. I'm stopping by for a visit from Organizing Junkie MPM. By the way, I totally agree! We had root beer floats with whipped cream this weekend. Well, the ice cream and root beer were sugar free but it was still an indulgence.
    Your menu sounds delicious. I love your food photos.
    Today, we're having Korean Beef with brown rice and roasted acorn squash!


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