Menu Plan Monday 7/26/2010

Since I'm shopping a lot this weekend to try and keep up with the eating needs for a growing family of boys, I thought the above picture was an accurate description of what I will be doing.

Shopping, shopping, and MORE shopping.  

We have been fairly good at sticking to our menu plan this week and I did post a review on the Tex Mex Burgers with Cajun Mayo. was really good!  The recipe is listed in an earlier post but can also be found at  Unfortunately, I have to copy and paste the actual recipe as the linking capability isn't working.  We only changed up what we were having on Wednesday because we went to MOE's for FREE queso and it sure was yummy.  So Thursday's meal from last week is rolling forward.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to find out what we're doing, and leave a comment, I would love to check out what you are eating this week and get new ideas.  Another great resource to find new ideas is at  Laura keeps all of us menu plan mondayers on track.

Cobb Salad Sandwiches **Recipe Below from
To Do:  Prepare potatoes for crockpot and snip grean beans.

1/3 c. olive oil 
2 T. red wine vinegar 
1 t. Dijon mustard 
salt & pepper to taste 
1-2 chicken or turkey breasts, grilled and sliced 
4 strips bacon, cooked 
1 loaf focaccia, halved horizontally 
2 T. olive oil 
2 c. lettuce 
4 slices Swiss cheese 
1 avocado, pitted, peeled, sliced 
2 tomatoes, sliced 
2 hard-boiled eggs, sliced 
Whisk together the 1/3 cup oil, vinegar, Dijon, salt, and pepper in a small bowl 
for the vinaigrette. 
Brush the cut sides of the focaccia with 2 T. olive oil and broil until light 
Brush the focaccia with vinaigrette. Toss the lettuce with 3 T. vinaigrette to 
Layer the cheese, avocado, tomatoes, meat, eggs, bacon, and lettuce on the 
bottom half of the focaccia. Drizzle with the desired amount of remaining 
vinaigrette, top with remaining focaccia, and cut into 4-6 wedges (you may want 
to use large skewers to keep the layers in place while slicing). 

Grilled Chicken/Broccoli Topped Baked Potatoes In the Crockpot
Green Salad
Corn Muffins
To Do:  Clean up the kitchen, I'm off on Tuesday so I can cook everything then.

Sliced Lettuce
Sliced Chopped Tomatoes
To Do:  Make lentils, chop veggies, put chicken in the frig for a slow defrost/marinade.

Poor Boy #1 is having wisdom teeth pulled so....leftovers, jello.
To Do:  Chop broccoli.

Grilled Bone In Chicken
Scalloped Potatoes
Crescent Rolls
To Do:  Remind hubbie to make up crust for me.

Homemade Pizza
Green Salad

Here's to another great week!  And remember............


  1. Thursday's dinner looks delicious! Exactly the kind of meal I'm in the mood for!

  2. You are lucky your husband will make up the crust for you. Big time saver! Everything sounds good!

  3. I'm so happy the burgers were good! I hope you try some more from Food on the Table.

  4. I've had Cobb Salad, but never Cobb Salad sandwiches! Sounds intriguing! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Life. Oh My! I couldn't agree more!


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