Menu Plan Monday 11/30/2009

Last week was great through Tuesday.  After that the meal plan went out the window...and the family went out of town.  I stayed home for work and ended up eating junk and cereal for the time they were gone.  As they were driving home from their jaunt, Boy #2 asked if I could make some vegetables for dinner today.  I am assuming they ate as much processed junk as I did. YUK.

SUNDAY--Grilled steak, steamed green beans, creamed fresh baby spinach, baked potatoes. Grilled fresh pineapple with brown sugar and cinnamon
MONDAY--Lentil Tacos with hard or soft tacos shells.  Chopped lettuce, tomato, and onion.  corn. 
TUESDAY-- Bacon, Chickpea, and Spinach Pasta, salad.
WEDNESDAY--Beef Roast in the crockpot with carrots, potatoes, onions.  Biscuits.
THURSDAY--Out to eat.
FRIDAY--Homemade Pesto Pizza with chicken .
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  1. Do you make your own pesto for your pesto pizza? It sounds delicious.

  2. I do when the basil plant is producing profusely...unfortunately that is not happening this week. I bought a "jar" version that everybody loves here! Have a great day.


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