To Do List:

There are a few things that I have been trying to accomplish over the last 7-10 days but for some reason when I get home they all escape my brain not to reappear until the next morning when I am at work and can't do a stinkin thing about it.

In no particular order....

  • Move the rug from my bedroom to the living room. {put the old one out for trash}
  • Move the pavers off of the front porch, sweep.
  • Clear up the brush from the front yard, and pick up the wind strewn plastic bag {I saw it when I was leaving the house this morning} from my neighbor.
  • Hang the mirror in the entry way.
  • Hang the pictures in the extra bedroom.
  • Put up curtains in the extra bedroom.
  • Fix the picture of Tanner, Ty, and myself.  Re hang. 
  • Get rid of the old blanket basket and place blankets in the coffee table for storage.
  • Schedule warehouse guys to pick up junk from my garage.
  • Repair the motion sensor/light on the corner of my home. {wasps ate through the wiring in a super short period of time...yes, unbelievable right??}
  • Clean the recliner.
Thursday-repaired picture and put back on the mantle.  Picked up trash from yard.

Monday-what a slacker I am...nothing else done but today is a good day to start!

Wednesday-I got moving, and accomplished a couple of things.

Sunday-pavers got moved but I don't have any tools here..they slowly disappeared.