Menu Plan Monday 12/19/16

I have been running my buns off at work, with loads and loads of patients who qualify for study every stinking one.  Besides, this particular study is a no brainer for people to enroll in...there doesn't seem to be a down side since nothing is investigational and all future treatment is flexible.  This makes my work day absolutely fly by {since 99.9% of people agree to participate}, leaving little to no time to plan meals or even think about shopping for food or gifts.  Unfortunately, here I go again with no Christmas presents purchased yet this year.  I'm certain my wrapping will be done on Christmas Eve and all of them will be labeled with a Sharpie marker.  Yep, that's my signature move! I actually planned to eat out every night last week, but ended up using some freezer items to cook myself dinner on the spur of the moment every night except for one.  My eat out plan failed but the good news is that my pants haven't gotten tight yet this season.

I shopped yesterday and picked up meat for simple "use the back porch grill meals" for this upcoming week.  I'm taking a small time out from cheese and creamy sauces.  Nothing boxed or sodium laden will grace my table... well, maybe.  Them's some strong words for this season.

Grilled Steak
{on sale}
Baked Potatoes
Green Beans on the grill


Chicken Quesadilla
{using the waffle maker}
Ty is off to a Christmas party.


Crunchy Chicken Salad using this marinade or Korean Chicken or Rotisserie Chicken
To Do:  Nothing, eating out tomorrow.

Eat Out
To Do:  Make up crock pot for tomorrow


Beef Tips
To Do:  Nothing, it's finally Friday!

?? something fun and festive

That's all...happy Monday!

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