Halloween Monday Dinner Review

Skillet Braised Pork Chops with a dab of garlic butter {my contribution to the recipe} on top was good..not terrific, but good.
I would probably make them again...but this pork chop is still my number one.  

At least for this year, I decided to be a Halloween Scrooge, so I cooked in the house last night instead of using my grill.  I thought that Molly {my little dachshund}  would be a little quieter if I stayed in the house...yep...nope.

When I realized I was in for an entire evening of nervous barking regardless of my seating choice I decided to read and eat out back on my porch.  I know I've said this so many times recently, but I love this time of year.
Any excuse to be outside is a good excuse....I plan on using them all :)