Yes, I really do take them off the stem 'cause I'm lazy like that...

One of the many tasks I completed this past weekend was washing my grapes and then de-stemming {is that a word?} them before storing them in the refrigerator for this week's lunches and snacks.  My Mom started this over the top process {at least in my mind initially} when my boys were small as a way to encourage them to eat more fruit instead of overly processed snacks.  I, however, was not on board  until......they ate every one and then asked me why I didn't have grapes in our refrigerator like Mamaw.
{thereby invoking the Mom guilt}
Even though I felt like, really you can't just break off a small stem when you want a snack?, I decided to comply with their wishes to see if their at Mamaw's house grape snacking habits were just an anomaly.
Turns out it wasn't and to be honest, I found myself eating more grapes too.
What???  I put myself right there with those lazy so and so's who can't just break off a stem and have a snack?
Why yes, yes I did and to this day grapes get washed, pulled off the stem, and stored in easy grab and go containers.
I am now officially part of the "grape de-stemming" problem.