Taco Stuffed Potatoes


Taco Stuffed Potatoes are one of my very favorite weeknight make ahead meals.  At least twice a month, I'm having these for dinner.  I typically use ground chicken or turkey that I have browned and added seasonings as my protein of choice.  The meat freezes beautifully and defrosts easily.  This batch was frozen in glassware which made this even easier to heat up.  Freezer to microwave or frying pan, whichever you prefer.  
I topped the potato with butter, sour cream, shredded cheese, and green onions....delicious and ready in as long as it took to bake the potatoes. 
{Yes, I gave in and used the oven yesterday, although it was overcast.  In the summer I typically use my crock pot for baking potatoes }
To make this dinner even easier would be to prepare a few potatoes and treat them as a sort of twice baked potatoes, Pioneer Woman style.  I go easy on the add ins though...this is a weeknight dinner and I can't over do every day.  Preparing the potatoes ahead makes an easy meal into a quick meal that requires no effort greater than turning on the oven.
Great Green Beans....
not so much Green Beans
These just were not to my liking....and I can't figure out why...I like everything in them but alas they are a no go.
{even the picture I took looks like I don't like them :p}