Steak and Corn, Corn and Steak and a Little Rice

Sometimes you just need a, not true if you aren't a carnivore, then you would need a vegetable ;)
 I simply used a small amount of olive oil, salt, pepper, and crushed garlic to marinate the rib eye while it was coming to room temperature. I then grilled the steak over a pretty hot flame for about four minutes per side.  {I like mine medium to medium well done}
  The corn, well I stuck it on the grill about eight minutes before the steak without any seasoning and let it go until it was nicely colored.  I love corn this way and prefer it to boiled or steamed.  In fact, I even eat it cold.  I know, weird, right?  But I like it that way.
I also made Rice a Roni {without the box} which somehow didn't get a picture...but it was really good.  Well, the idea is really, really good but for my palate the seasonings weren't on point.  The rice texture was perfect and the directions are so similar to the boxed version that I can not imagine why anyone ever thought they needed to make a convenience item.  Definite two thumbs up for the process.