Memory Art


This piece of art, and yes, I use the term loosely, is attached to a special time in my life that will always be precious to me.  I hung this painting on the wall in our new home and every time I glance over that way, I smile.  
The abstract canvas is made with leftover interior paint samples and was created by all of the neighborhood kids where my boys spent the "golden years" of their childhood.  The very same place that I evolved in to a "real Mom".  The kind that drives a mini van and chauffeurs everybody everywhere and is busy beyond reason.  
That day our art studio was my driveway with a drop cloth spread out.  I recall the weather being exactly the kind that makes Florida really desirable to northerners.   
We spent about an hour laughing, joking, and throwing paint until all of the kids and myself were satisfied with the result. 
Every, and I mean every time I look in the direction of that art, I smile and feel joy.  To me, that makes our art priceless.