Belgian Waffles without a Belgian Waffle Maker

I was so lucky to have been gifted this wonderful Belgian Waffle maker about ten years ago from friends.  They didn't like Belgian waffles.
Receiving that gift led me to try many Belgian waffle recipes aka many not so good attempts until finding the best recipe for us.  All good things must come to an end though, and the waffle maker's heating element went kaput.  The repair would have cost more than the machine itself, so I was without a vehicle to make delightful waffles for quite some time.  Fortunately, I was gifted with another waffle iron, and I began to experiment with different recipes.  My new machine isn't exactly like the link or the one that I currently have as the wells really are not deep enough to meet the criteria for Belgian waffle maker.  However, because of the ease of cleaning my new machine, I began experimenting with all kinds of things.  The temperature outside has been horrible this summer which makes me completely averse to turning on my regular oven.  I have been using my trusty little waffle iron as a mini fry pan/oven over the last few months.  {one of my best experiments}
I have made hash brown patties, grilled pressed sandwiches, sweet rolls, savory and sweet waffles, and finally our favorite Belgian waffle recipe.
The waffles are not sweet and in fact don't have any added sugar to them, you can top or stuff all sorts of things using these, savory or sweet.  I waited a long time to make this recipe using my new machine...I hate to waste food and my expectations were super low.  I just couldn't imagine that the rise/crunch ratio would be good.
Happily, I pronounce I was wrong and my expectations were exceeded!
They freeze beautifully and crisp to perfection in the toaster oven.
{from frozen it takes two short toasting cycles in mine}
Win win and the regular oven stays off, and the house stays cool. {well, relatively}