Open Faced Ground Beef Phillies

I used this recipe as a starting point for what turned out to be a delicious easy, semi make ahead meal.  Since I'm all about substituting and using what is available, I did just that.
I don't typically keep bottled salad dressing on hand,  {I'm in a phase right now that I prefer to make my own} so no creamy Italian was available in my cupboard.
No problem though since I had a dry packet of ranch seasoning that I prepared using the dip directions.  I'm of the mindset that crunchy is better and I wanted the sandwiches to not be soggy so I wasn't taking any chances with extra liquid.  I browned the ground beef with the peppers and onions and allowed the mixture to cool, then stirred in the ranch dressing, storing in the frig until the next day.  We also didn't have provolone cheese which was also no problem.  I just used some on hand slices of swiss and fresh mozzarella for the gooey factor.
The next day, I spread the loaf with a fair amount of the ranch dressing and baked at 350 degrees for thirty minutes resulting in a browned, crunchy, slightly oozy, cheesy, entirely delightful baked sandwich.
Total effort expended on my part was only five minutes on meal day for assembling.  This means that this particular sandwich is in the definite make again category.  
Feel free to be creative, make your own interpretation, and substitute till your heart is content.