Menu Plan Monday 8/29/16

Instead of hopeful Fall pictures, I'm embracing the fact that we are melting here in Florida.  
At least the flowers are beautiful.  
Too soon the heat will meld in to the cooler days of late Fall and another lazy summer will be a distant memory.

I used ground chicken to make Korean Beef last week and I can say we enjoyed this dish as much as ever.  This simple recipe is so easy and quick for weeknights.  In fact, the ground meat and rice can be prepared ahead of time and frozen in individual containers defrosting in the refrigerator overnight.  Remembering to put them in the frig the night before is the hardest part. Throw the rest of the ingredients together and voila ready in fifteen minutes or less.  Love it!

That was the only planned recipe I made last week and I didn't get around to making any freezer meals either except for extra rice.  This week I'm already ahead of the game and have the tools in place to be a superstar in the kitchen.  I shopped which was the most important accomplishment towards dinner and then I power prepped making baked egg rolls, and string cheese salami egg rolls for the freezer.  Juicy Lucy burgers got patted and are waiting in the refrigerator ready to be grilled for tonight's dinner....and yes, I have propane for the grill.  Corn is shucked {is that a word?}, and mushrooms are also sliced and ready to be sauteed tonight.  Ground turkey has been browned and frozen for some sort of Mexican fiesta later this week.  I packed my lunch for work tomorrow, fruit and vegetables are prepped and lastly all of the dishes are done.  Yay me!

Here's hoping you have a fruitful Sunday too.

My plan

The Juicy Lucy Burger with melted cheese oozing from the center of the ...
Grilled Corn
Sauteed Mushrooms

Spicy Southwest Grilled Chicken
Sauteed Cabbage


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Roasted Shrimp with Cherry Tomatoes
Cheese Grits


Chili Dogs recipe from
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Chili Dogs
Roasted Potatoes


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