Menu Plan Monday 8/15/16

The view out of my back yard.  
*Come on Fall*

True story folks, my plan wasn't posted over the weekend 'cause I fell off the "eat at home bandwagon" about a week ago, I dunno, maybe a smidge more.  Ty came home from camp and somehow I decided to schedule myself for like 100,000 hours over the last three weeks.  To be quite honest, I'm not really ready to get back on the "eat at home wagon" but when your kid says "I really don't want to eat in restaurants any more", it kind of makes your ears perk up and you mentally recoil from the verbal swift kick in the rear you just received.

So I shopped.

And now I'm cooking this week against my will *sigh* {It's for the best, really}

My easy, peasy plan.

Open Faced Hamburger Phillies
Avocado Pesto Pasta
String Cheese Manicotti

That is all I can commit to now.......

Have a great week ;)

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  1. I so hate getting off the trend of eating at home. Eating out leaves me feeling not so well, very full and just not as good as when I eat food I cook myself. But it is so much easier that I tend to eat out a bit too much at times
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    1. I'm eating at home for the foreseeable future....but not necessarily as willingly as I would like. However, yesterday I was able to make three dinners to finish on the night at least I'm ahead of the game.


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