Late Menu Plan 8/9/16...Meal Review

I forgot how much I love my low tech juicer, how handy this simple, easy to clean, little device can be.

This is the lime juice....but I was able to do an entire tray of lemon juice.  I froze them until hard enough to pop out like ice cubes then stored them in labeled freezer bags so.. no confusion could occur at a later date.

Summertime Blueberry Pie was dee-licious and very easy to make.  I followed the recipe exactly but will use more cream cheese in the base and add some lemon zest and juice to jazz things up.  I'll also boil more berries (with the same amount of water) for the layer that sits on top of the base.  Word to the wise, corn starch takes a long time to thicken so be patient and do it over low heat. The results are so worth it!

A freezer meal is the best thing to have when you do not feel like cooking after a long day or week.  I made this one with 1/2 pound of ground beef and it was still too much for one person.  My boy, Tanner was thrilled!

Roasted veggies reheated in a pan...prep cooking at its finest.

I love edamame and fresh corn!

Freezer waffles with coconut peanut butter, homemade strawberry syrup, and creamy scrambled eggs with spinach and bacon.  I have been eating breakfast for dinner a lot lately and having waffles in the freezer, syrup in the frig, and bacon already cooked means I can eat quickly (and early) on weeknights.  My Ty will just have to get used to eating breakfast for dinner at least weekly.

Proscuitto, pea, and cheese ravioli with mushroom ragout topped with shaved parmesan was my only other meal last week besides my standard Spicy Sausage Pasta.  I didn't really have a taste for sausage early in the week so Tanner was really happy with his food care package.

There is big news around my house!  My youngest son, Ty, is back home to stay until his college courses are done.  This means I have to be civilized again after 5pm, lol.  One thing I know for certain, is that I won't have near as many leftovers sitting around.  

Here's our super simple probably won't be followed plan:

MONDAY-Eat out
TUESDAY-Cornbread Bake {using deli lunch meat and leftover bacon}, edamame
WEDNESDAY-Scrambled eggs with spinach and feta, freezer waffles with strawberry syrup, hash browns made in the waffle iron.
THURSDAY-Roast, new potatoes, green beans
FRIDAY-Leftovers or eat out

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