Menu Plan Monday 8/1/16

Wow, it has been like a tornado the last few weeks....let's see...first, I got food poisoning...which makes a lovely accompaniment to any week.  Second, I over scheduled myself at work because I'm dumb like that sometimes and really have problems saying no when I think I'm feeling invincible{the schedule is formed about a month in advance}.  Lastly, the other side  of my dual air conditioning in my car gave out {I had the other side fixed only about three weeks ago} and it is like 80,000 degrees in the shade these days.  Oh, and the best news of all is that the mechanic isn't able to repair it for me until, a week after I called him.  Fun times people, fun times.

I know that in the grand scheme of things, all of this irritation will pass and I won't even remember any of the details of what happened in five years but right now I'm having a small attitude problem. I'm just plain annoyed is what I am.

Wait, maybe I'm just hungry, lol!  I've been so super busy that I haven't taken the time to cook more than three times with the exception of scrambled eggs and heating up the waffle iron for hashbrown patties. {using frozen potato shreds}

I am off this weekend and have ginormous plans to rectify my not eating properly situation and on a positive note, the frig is absolutely bare letting me shop for fresh stuff with abandon.  Whatever I didn't eat over the last three weeks has spoiled and been thrown away.  A little home cooked food is just what the doctor ordered to soothe my irritated little soul.


Fancy Hot Dogs or Grilled Hot Dogs
Meatloaf {freezer}, Lemon/Caper Parm Potatoes
Wild Rice Stuffing {trying this for Thanksgiving, 1/2 recipe for sure}this or this
Team Valor Cocktail {with Vodka not whiskey enjoyed on the weekend of course :o}

This is the coolest idea ever....I am so making it on my ping pong/grill stand/ aka watermelon juice table this weekend.
Happy Monday and all that jazz :o)

This will make a nice refreshing adult beverage I believe.

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  1. I saw that you had linked to my blog and came to see yours.

    I'm sorry about the food poisoning and the a/c trouble. We had quite the week, as well, no food poisoning though. Our big van needs something expensive done with the engine, something minor done with the fan switch, and our mini-van has a belt doing something weird when we have the a/c on now.


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